Cheat Meal of the Week: Gabby’s Burgers

Joe Doino

This was a solid week.  Arc & Stones had a good run of shows up north and now we’re all back in Nashville getting into our grooves of normalcy until we hit the road again.  I got to see friends and family, drink some drinks, eat some eats and lift some lifts… weights…

Like I said it was a good week.  I hit some PR’s in the gym benching 325lbs, squatting 405lbs and deadlifting 415lbs.  I was feeling great.  I felt strong and a little leaner and genuinely like I was making good progress.  That was until I went to brush my teeth before bed and my stomach stopped moving just a second or two AFTER my arm did; this brought my head plummeting back down to Earth where it belongs, reminding me I have a LOOOOOONG way to go.


Onto the important stuff though.  I was craving something I haven’t had in a while, a big, juicy cheese burger.  I was tipped off to try out a place near the old Nashville Sounds stadium called “Gabby’s Burgers” and off I went.



Walking into the place was great and I immediately felt I was in for something special.  They’re only open for lunch (11am-2pm) and are completely unapologetic about who they are and what they do.  There are signs above the counter stating “No we’re not opening another location” and “Yes Diners Dives and Drive-ins have called… TWICE”.  They have kind of a “you don’t like it? Tough Shit” kind of attitude and I was a fan.


The family owned and operated establishment has a wide array of choices, but I went with what they’re known for – the Gabby burger.  It’s got two big patties with your choice of cheese (I chose American because other cheeses are a bunch of commies) with lettuce, tomatoes, mayo, and a side of sweet potato fries (drool).  They were definitely the most natural fries I’ve ever had.  You can tell that they JUST cut the potatoes and threw them into the fryer, skin and all.  They were almost rustic; if that makes any sense.  I liked them.  Some were a little on the soggy side but delicious nonetheless.  Just add a little salt and you’re golden.  As for the burger.. they’re not kidding around.  This thing was huge!


Seriously, the first couple bites were a little on the difficult side.  I think the burger might have been sitting on the bun for a couple minutes because the bottom bun was a little soggy and pretty much fell apart.  I ate it really quick for two reasons:  1. It was too good to put down and 2. If I put it down it would’ve been physically impossible to pick back up.  They pride themselves on having a juicy pink center and I think the cook missed the memo on mine.  It was definitely cooked “well done” as there simply wasn’t any pink.  The meat there is locally sourced, grass fed and all that jazz so its quality kept the flavor and juiciness.  Mix that with locally farmed lettuce, tomatoes and some freshly baked phat ass buns and you put a smile on my face.  I wasn’t blown away but I definitely plan on going back and giving them another shot.  If you find yourself in town, you should too.  Until next time…


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