New luxury skincare line PARIS HONORÉ has a winner with its FACE CRÈME

Anthony Tsai

Discovering new luxury skincare products that actually work for you can be improbable at times.  Many are too greasy, some are too fragrant, and what works on your friend may not work on you.  Every time I feel adventurous and decide to try a new skincare product, I expose my face to ingredients that I don’t know how my skin will react to.  I invite myself to a world of disaster sometimes.  I’m a sick bastard I guess.  My pain is your gain.  Someone’s got to do it right?

Every new product, I give it a good 30-day try.  Sometimes my skin ends up looking leathery like an armadillo or yet even worse, broken out like a hormonal teenager.  But once in a blue moon, it ends up all soft and moist like a baby’s behind.

Fortunate for me, this time it was the latter.  I am extremely thrilled to be able to tell you that I absolutely love the PARIS HONORÉ FACE CRÈME.


PARIS HONORÉ FACE CRÈME – $118 for a 30ml bottle

PARIS HONORÉ is a new luxury skincare line for both men and women that launched recently in February 2016.  It’s a highly natural skincare line using organic elements and is formulated, filled, and packaged in the USA.  Every product is free of alcohol, bleach, chlorine, formaldehyde, paraben, petrochemical, phosphate, sulfate, and triclosan.

With the introduction out of the way, let’s now dig deeper into the PARIS HONORÉ FACE CRÈME.  Appearance-wise, this face moisturizer is milky white with a slight oily sheen.  Consistency is similar to that of a delicious buttercream frosting.  Fragrance-wise, it’s unscented and has a faint natural smell.

Key ingredients include aloe and various regenerative oils, ie: coconut oil, proven to soothe skin, reduce inflammation, and hydrate skin for a youthful look.

Paris Honore Face Cream review

Upon application, my face feels protected and sealed.  There’s a faint greasy feeling to it but definitely not overpowering or burdening.  I always despise skincare products with an oily feeling but this one is ever so faint.  When applied as a night time moisturizer, in the morning the next day when I wake up, my face still feels the same and my pores don’t feel clogged at all.  As someone who’s always had oily skin, I’m bewildered as to why my face doesn’t feel greasy after I wake up in the morning.  Have I stumbled upon a magic moisturizer?

After using this PARIS HONORÉ FACE CRÈME for a month, my aesthetician even noticed and commented that my skin got better and healed from within.  My complexion improved, my skin feels and looks smoother, and the most important thing of all – I feel great.

If you’re looking to try a new facial moisturizer, I’d definitely recommend this PARIS HONORÉ FACE CRÈME.  And with regards to my own personal skincare daily regime, I use TwinLuxe Anti-Aging SPF Moisturizer as my daytime moisturizer with sunscreen protection, so I’ll be using the PARIS HONORÉ FACE CRÈME as my night-time moisturizer.  It’ll be a permanent fixture in my night-time skincare regimen until something new comes along, if ever, with better performance.


FTC Disclosure: I did not receive any compensation from PARIS HONORÉ for this review and do not receive any compensation for sales generated as a result from my review.

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