Ferrari unveils new GTC4Lusso T – its first ever Twin Turbo V8 four-seater

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Ferrari GTC4Lusso T

Ferrari GTC4Lusso T

Looking for a Ferrari four-seater but always been intimidated by a V12?  You’re in luck as Ferrari announced its new GTC4Lusso T, its first ever twin-turbo V8 four-seater, which will make its official unveiling at the upcoming 2016 Paris Motor Show which starts this Saturday October 1st through the 16th.

The GTC4Lusso replaces the FF which was Ferrari’s first four-seater with all-wheel drive.  Both models are powered by a naturally aspirated V12, but this new GTC4Lusso T is toned down with a smaller turbocharged 3.9L V8 which should make everyday local driving a tad smoother.  Ferrari claims there’s no turbo-lag too.

Ferrari GTC4Lusso T

First four-seater Ferrari with a turbocharged V8

Another difference is the T loses its all-wheel drive and reverts to rear-wheel drive.  Bummer … can’t have everything I guess.

0-100 km/h in a mere 3.5 seconds, which is only 0.1 seconds slower than the 6.3L V12 GTC4Lusso with 680 hp, the GTC4Lusso T is going to be a family wagon speedracer with 600 hp.  It loses 80 hp but makes up the acceleration with more torque.

Ferrari GTC4Lusso T

The purr of this V8 will never be as rapturous as that of the GTC4Lusso’s V12, but it should still sound exhilarating as you can hear from the Ferrari GTC4Lusso T audio clip on Ferrari’s website.

Still waiting for a 4-door Ferrari sedan?  Keep dreaming…. this GTC4Lusso T may be the closest thing to a 4-door sedan that Ferrari will ever make.  Will it cannibalise sales of the regular V12 GTC4Lusso?  Both models will continue to be sold side-by-side, but “Yes” would be my answer, if you ask me.  I doubt it but could there be a possibility that perhaps Ferrari plans to stop production of the V12 version earlier than expected?

In any case, my prediction is this GTC4Lusso T is going to be Ferrari’s most successful foray into the family sedan category for the affluent, despite its drawback of 2-doors instead of 4-doors.  It sure fits everything I’d love to have as a daily-driver Ferrari family saloon, and I’m a current FF owner too.

Ferrari GTC4Lusso T

There’s no pricing yet on the GTC4Lusso T but it should cost less than the V12 variant – my guess maybe between $250,000 to $275,000 base price.

Thinking about getting one?  Let us know in the comments section below!

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