The Firefly is World’s First Electric Car designed for children

Anthony Tsai

Looking for the perfect birthday gift for your child or for a friend’s kid who has everything?  Look no further as I bet your child doesn’t have this – the Firefly electric car,  world’s first electric car specifically designed for children between the ages of 5 to 10 years old.


The Firefly has all the basic features of an actual car!  It has an independent suspension, adjustable driver’s seat, hydraulic disc brakes, indicators, LED headlights & tail lights, and tablet based speedometer.  If you want window wipers, you’re out of luck though.  Kids can’t have everything eh?

Top speed is 10 mph while in “Experienced” mode.  In “Junior” mode, the top speed is cut in half and restricted to 5 mph.

Cruise around for 9 hours at a time, and then use the 240V charger to recharge the twin 12V batteries.  Depending on how far you’ve driven that day, average charge time is 8 hours.  And if the batteries are completely drained, charge time will be 10 hours.  So just like a regular EV car, plug it in overnight in anticipation for next day’s cruising.


In case of an emergency, there’s a remote control switch which an adult can activate, up to 120 meters away, to halt the car when driving either forward or reverse.  An optional safety system, which uses sensors to detect obstacles, can halt the car only when in “Junior” mode.

The Firefly will accommodate an adult no taller than 6 feet tall in both the adjustable driver’s seat & fixed passenger seat.  So you can cruise down Memory Lane with your son on a Sunday afternoon.


The Firefly isn’t cheap and will cost as much as a used Honda Accord.  You’ll have to wait a little longer if you want to buy one for your kid because the Firefly won’t be available for purchase worldwide until 2017 with an estimated base price tag of £5,750 + VAT (USD $7,760).

Customize and pimp your Firefly with leather seats, wireless tire pressure indicators, or an audio system, and your child will definitely be driving the Rolls-Royce of seater cars for kids in your hood.

Is it worth the money?  With the amount of smiles it’ll bring to your child, as well as to your own face, this Firefly is priceless!

a-youngster-behind-the-wheel-of-firefly_-the-new-electric-car-for-5-10-year-olds-credit-young-driver-motor-cars     the-firefly-is-specifically-designed-for-5-10-year-olds-to-drive-credit-young-driver-motor-cars

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