New Döttling tabletop cigar humidor draws aficionados

Melvyn Teillol-Foo

Döttling started as a locksmith’s shop in Sindelfingen back in 1919 to evolve into today’s purveyor of luxury safes, watch winders and functional accessories. A Döttling descendent is still a managing partner at the firm.

Forging Luxury Safes

Forging Luxury Safes

Maybe it’s a coincidence or a fateful truism that cigar aficionados number highly amongst watch collectors. Or perhaps, the watch brands always bring out fine cigars and brandy at watch collectors’ dinners?

In any case, all the gentlemanly rituals are observed as we tacitly draw out the exquisitely rolled Cubans or Dominicans, gently caress the crinkly outer leaves and inhale the aromas of the virgin cigar. Then, we reach for the preferred aerator (cutter or spike) to perform our masculine deflowering duty before finally lighting up.

Patoro cigars

Patoro cigars

Surrounded by these paraphernalia of the cigar, discussions invariably abound about the ideal storage humidor for our dusky brown beauties. To this end, Döttling just launched their first tabletop humidor.

Döttling tabletop cigar humidor

Döttling tabletop cigar humidor Closed

The keen of eye amongst you may have observed a familiarity with the new humidor, especially those with Döttling safes or watch winders. A similar humidor is already integrated into the “The Fortress” safes as reported here on AlphaLuxe previously.

The Fortress safe

Döttling Fortress safe

After numerous customer requests, they now offer a tabletop version with unique features. The Döttling tabletop humidor can be opened by simply pulling out a drawer, unlike common humidors that open with a hinged flap lid. The craftsmanship to maintain the airtight seal and humidity for a drawer far exceeds that for a mere “box with lid”.

Döttling tabletop cigar humidor Opened

Döttling tabletop cigar humidor Opened

The interior is made of solid Spanish cedar and your PATORO® cigars are dramatically showcased with LED spotlights.

The heart of every humidor is the humidifier and Döttling has specified the best CIGARSPA® mechanism, perfectly integrated into the drawer. Its performance is monitored and displayed on the hygrometer, barometer, and thermometer crafted from brushed stainless steel.

As an added bonus, Döttling has ensured that the interior of this unique object of finest table art is also configurable as a wonderful storage box for watches.

Markus Döttling & Andreas Schlittenhardt

Markus Döttling & Andreas Schlittenhardt

Naturally, Managing Partners — Markus Döttling & Andreas K. Schlittenhardt — want to ensure that the noblesse of the interior is matched by the exterior of their Table Art. They chose to cover the humidor in high-quality calfskin. However, numerous other finishes, including wood or high-gloss varnish, are available upon request.

Decoration by Hand

Decoration by Hand

The price of luxury varies with specifications but for the calfskin tabletop humidor, a mere 12,000 Euros (USD 13,000) should be sufficient.

All Luxury is created equal but some Luxuries are more equal than others!

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