Peloton Exercise Cycle Bike: join the pack from anywhere

Angela Ranieri

Living in New York City, I spend less time thinking about hot cars and more time thinking about hot bicycles, specifically, spinning bicycles.

We know that the beloved spinning workouts that were so popular in the 90’s have made a resurgence over the last 10 years; and innovation in bike design, coupled with technological advances, have given birth to the Rolls-Royce of spinning bikes – the Peloton Cycle Exercise Bike.


Peloton Cycle Exercise Bike – $1,995

I’ve been privileged to ride this bike live, in class at the New York Flagship Studio on West 23rd Street which opened in May 2014.  Check this out, you don’t need to live or visit New York City to have this luxury experience; Peloton is the only cycling studio that provides in-home live streaming.  What does this mean for you?  You can be anywhere on your Peloton bike and join in the New York City boutique cycling classes.


Peloton NYC Studio in Chelsea

The bike is truly magnificent.  It’s made of carbon steel construction, with an indefinite amount of adjustment options of the seat, and handle bars to ensure you are having the most comfortable, ergonomically correct ride you can have.


Live streaming means you can ride along from home with HD cameras and experience the sights and sounds, aka awesome music, while getting your sweat on, whether in bad weather conditions or if you live far from a gym.  In other words, NO EXCUSES.


Live streaming display

While you ride your Peloton bike, your dashboard, the same that is in studio, will show you your cadence (RPMs), your output (how much work you are putting in), and your calories burned.  You will also see a leaderboard that includes everyone on the peloton bikes logged in to the class from home and live in the studio.  You can see how you rank amongst your peers and have the entire in-studio experience at home.


You can switch users with the touch of a button, preview classes on demand to make sure it’s a class you will like, and also schedule your class participation ahead of time, just as you would if you were at the studio.

The classes are no nonsense.  The instructors know about indoor cycling.  You will have instructors call out things like “recovery ride” (I’m sore and taking it easy,) or “pr ride,” (personal record or best goals) and riders have options to modify as needed.


Most important.  It’s burning, sweaty fun.

If you have the room, motivation, and looking to add to your home gym, it’s a must have.

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