AlphaLuxe Rumours: Caroline Scheufele, Colin & Livia Firth celebrate Green Carpet Challenge and The Journey to Sustainable Luxury

Melvyn Teillol-Foo

Hosts Livia and Colin Firth (Photo by David M. Benett)

Los Angeles, 24th February 2017

Caroline, Colin and Livia Firth hosted their annual intimate dinner at the West Hollywood landmark Sunset Tower, to celebrate The Green Carpet Challenge and The Journey to Sustainable Luxury before the ‘Oscars’ on Sunday.
By the way, rumour has it that the Sunset Tower Hotel went on the market for roughly $100 million last week, “according to a source familiar with the site”.

Actors Kevin Bacon, Colin Firth, Emma Stone and Patricia Clarkson (Photo by David M. Benett)

Mick Jagger, Meryl Streep, Emma Stone, Ruth Negga, Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Bacon, Tom Ford and many more joined Colin and Livia for a private dinner on the terrace of Sunset Tower.

Designer Christopher Guy, actress Meryl Streep and host Colin Firth (Photo by David M. Benett)


Host Livia Firth and actress Meryl Streep (Photo by David M. Benett)


Singer Mick Jagger and host Colin Firth (Photo by David M. Benett)


Host Colin Firth, actors Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon (Photo by David M. Benett)

Guests toasted Chopard’s co-president Caroline Scheufele’s mission to drive her industry towards more sustainable and ethical practices with The Journey to Sustainable Luxury [click to read].

Caroline Scheufele, Marion Cotillard and Livia Firth

The Journey to Sustainable Luxury is Chopard’s commitment to a multi-year programme to achieve sustainable luxury [click to read].

The goal is to improve the environment and the lives of those at the very beginning of the supply chain.

Miners in the Andes ©ARM

The Journey to Sustainable Luxury began when Chopard, with Eco-Age, forged a philanthropic relationship with the influential South American mining NGO, the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM).

Chopard became the world’s first watch and luxury jewellery company to enable mining communities to reach Fairmined gold certification, as well as providing training, social welfare and environmental support.

Fairmined Certification

Livia Firth is founder and Creative Director of Eco-Age: an ideas consultancy which powerfully aggregates global thought leaders and influencers to address the compelling issues and opportunities of our day by delivering solutions, through ethical and sustainable values.

Chopard Watch from Green Carpet Collection

The Green Carpet Challenge is Eco-Age’s communications arm. It is a dynamic platform, pairing glamour and ethics to raise the profile of sustainability, ethics and social welfare.

Pendant and Earrings from Chopard Green Carpet Collection

Caroline Scheufele, Chopard Co-President, is an ardent supporter of the Green Carpet Challenge by introducing new pieces for the Chopard Green Carpet Collection every year.

You’ll see some of them at the Academy Awards 2017 Ceremony.

Chopard seems to bring good luck to the Oscar winners……


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