Beautiful Eyebrows: Microblading May Be The Answer

Angela Ranieri

The Eyes Have It

In December 2015, Psychology Today published research to support the old adage, that the eyes are the window to the soul.

If the eyes are scientifically proven as the windows, then I can tell you that the eyebrows are the curtains. My condolences to you, or anyone you know, who has had them over-waxed, tweezed or sugared.

I’ve waxed more clients eyebrows then I could ever count. Trends in eyebrow shaping come and go. In my experience I’ve had clients come to me to remedy at-home and in-spa disasters above their perfect peepers. The reality is that once hair is gone, it can take what feels like forever to grow back. Even better? Hair follicles have their own unique growth cycles, so the missing hairs don’t fill in at the same time. This causes brows to be off-shape, off-balance and plainly stated, unkempt.

The overwaxed brow may not have applied to you.
You may be one of those whom I envy: who have light colored or naturally thin brows and you may spend a great deal of time and money searching for just the right eyebrow pencil to fill in and give you the definition you desire. Maybe you spend every morning drawing your brows on so that your features don’t look, “invisible.”

For either beauty brow dilemma the answer may be Microblading

What is it?

Microblading is a type of tattooing, that gives you semi-permanent results. Pigment is implanted under the skin with a handheld tool that produces individual “brow hair” where you need your brows filled in.

The process:

First of all and most importantly, not every beauty professional can Microblade. It requires special training and an artistic hand. You would not just go to anyone to get a tattoo; here, the same thinking applies.
You schedule a consultation, often complimentary, where you meet with an artist, discuss your concerns and what outcome you would like to achieve. Your artist will then draw a mock up on your face with an eyebrow pencil, showing what may be achieved.

This non-permanent approach allows for you and your artist to explore what shape is best and how you would like to look after the Microblading has been done.
If or when you like what you see, pictures are taken, notes are made and you schedule an appointment for the “procedure.”
The actual procedure takes about two hours.
Numbing cream is applied to your brows. Once that kicks in, your specialist will fill in your shape as per your consultation, only this time, the handheld tool is used and semi-permanent color is implanted.
Following the procedure it’s important to not sweat, wash, touch or expose the skin to sunlight. You are sent home with special ointment to help the healing. Within a week or so, you have a finished product.

How long does it last and how much does it cost?

When we say “semi-permanent,” the actual amount of time can vary depending on how often you wash your face, sweat or expose your skin to sunlight, but on average, eyebrows last a year and a half to two years.
Pricing varies: In New York City, it ranges between $550 and $750.

With all of this knowledge in your beauty backpack, you may not be ready to take this plunge, and I’d be remiss if I did not make a pencil recommendation: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wizard is, without question, the best. It is available at Sephora and Nordstrom for only $21.

Happy grooming!



Author’s Biography
Angela Ranieri joins us as Contributing Editor with an extensive background in Fashion, Beauty and Digital Media.  She has worked with PRADA USA Corp., Jurlique, Amore Pacific and the New York Daily News in management capacities including Marketing, Client Relations, Employee Relations and Training Management.  She has authored and published the column, “Ask Angela,” featured on the Amore Pacific USA website.  Her beauty advice has been featured in Shape and Fitness Magazines and CBS News.

She is a graduate of Syracuse University with a Bachelor of Science in Communications and Writing. Angela also has an MBA in Marketing and Entrepreneurship from Northeastern University. While at Northeastern, her Market Research on the Electric Car was published for University use.

Angela is currently creator of Circuit Cosmetics, a Brand Ambassador for luxury beauty line, Patchology, an On Air Guest for QVC and blogger for

In her spare time you can find Angela running, spinning, practicing yoga or getting beautified.  She resides on the Upper West Side of Manhattan with her Husband, Son, and Chihuahuas.

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