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The annual watches and jewellery trade show — Baselworld — will soon be held on 23 – 30 march 2017, spookily…in Basel, Switzerland, where 1500 exhibitors will array their wares before 145,000 visitors.  At the Baselworld 2017, Stenzhorn, will present the highlights from their latest MADEMOISELLE B. jewellery collection.  This is a sneak preview.


First up:  Who or What is Stenzhorn?

A fair question as it is an uncommon name.

STENZHORN -Fine Jewels since 1979- was founded by the brothers Stenzhorn, in Germany in 1979. The company is an international family enterprise with more than 35 years experience in the jewelry industry. Currently, there are five different collections: WILDLIFE, COMPOSA, 2ndSkin and CLASSICS. The jewels of STENZHORN are available in Europe, Asia, in the Middle East and the USA.



This jewelry collection is a tribute to the eternal beauty of the woman. This year’s theme is inspired by graceful Lepidoptera; that’s “butterflies” for us mere mortals . With its lightness and variety of colours, it symbolizes the beauty and uniqueness of each individual woman.

The possible colour palette for the latest collection is both expansive and expensive, unique and exciting; butterflies come in all colours of the rainbow.

Let’s start with RED rubies.


Chris Stenzhorn (Sales Director) of the family business Stenzhorn answered a few questions.

What makes the latest collection MADEMOISELLE B. so interesting?

Chris Stenzhorn: “The jewelry of the new collection is characterized with ease and has something inspiring. The MADEMOISELLE B. Collection consists exclusively of butterflies. The sapphires, diamonds and rubies are all set in a mosaic-setting: the Invisible Setting, and breathtakingly beautiful.”

Will you also show the collection in Basel?

Chris Stenzhorn: “We are proud of the new jewelry and will show the entire collection MADEMOISELLE B. at Baselworld 2017. The feedback from our customers shows that we are on the right path and understand the taste of our customers.”



Ref. 21-06008-03-001
Ring in 18 carat white gold with diamonds (0.73 carat) and rubies 8.00 (carat)

Price on request




ref. 24-05597-03-001
Pendant in 18 carat white gold with diamonds (0.415 carats) and rubies (12,30 carats)

Price on request



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