Cheat Meal of the Week: M.L. Rose Craft Beers & Burgers

Joe Doino

Finally the time has come once again people!!!  After so rudely getting shut out by the ass clowns that are the general public last week, I finally made it into M.L. Rose and had one of the cheatiest meals to date.

I liked this place..  There are a ton of signs and stickers from craft beers all over the country, loads of TV’s and a bar with 34 taps that are constantly rotating.  I walked in and sat at the bar (if you read last week’s blog, then you’ll know how much I love that) and was immediately greeted warmly by the bartender.  The other folks sitting there seemed to have a pretty good rapport with her..  or knew her personally..  I don’t know..  either way it made me feel better about sitting there.

I picked up the menu and honestly had a pretty tough time deciding…  at least on what burger I wanted.  The second I saw the “Loaded Fries” I became speechless (cue “Take My Breath Away” by Berlin).

Check this out: Waffle fries topped with cheddar cheese, jack cheese, queso, naturally cured bacon, tomatoes, green onions, served with their house made ranch dip.

Who doesn’t love waffle fries?!  And queso?!  And bacon?!..  you get the point.  Full disclosure..  I’m not the biggest fan of ranch.  I used to be, as a kid, but I just out grew it I guess.  This ranch dip was the best ranch I’ve ever had.  I don’t know what it is, but my god..  Trust me.

I was in the mood for some heat so I went with the “Five Alarm” burger.

It’s topped with jalapeños, habanero jack, five alarm sauce, lettuce, tomato, and red onion and was incredible.  There was just enough heat to make you a little nervous about how hot it was actually going to get, but it stopped at the perfect time.  The meat was an excellent medium rare; and so far, it’s my 3rd favorite burger in town, right behind Burger Republic and The Pharmacy.  Which, if you ask pretty much anyone who lives here, that’s pretty damn good company to be in.

After my last bite, I took a sip of my coke, looked down at my engorged stomach with absolute satisfaction and became possessed with the innate desire to lay my head down and nap.

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I’m Joey, a New York drummer living in Nashville, playing with the band, Arc & Stones.

I LOVE FOOD! Right after college, I gained a lot of weight and hit a whopping 267 lbs. Terrified that I could hit 300 lbs before I hit 30 years, I decided to take control of the foods I was eating and started taking the fitness thing more seriously. I keep a very strict diet, making sure I hit my macronutrients (proteins, fats and carbs) each day. I hit the gym six days a week.

But once a week I cheat and treat myself. Food is one of my favorite things in life. This regime allows me to have my cheese-stuffed, deep-fried cake and eat it too. My column will focus on these indulgent treats.

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