Bugatti Gets on its Bike: New $39,000 Bicycle Launched

Melvyn Teillol-Foo

PG Bugatti Bicycle

Developed by PG – Designed by Bugatti – Manufactured by Kußmaul from carbon, titanium and aluminium.

Limited to 667 bikes worldwide

PG Bugatti Bicycle

All things Bugatti

We know Bugatti for luxury, no-compromise excellence like the vintage Type 57SC Atlantic Coupe or the modern $3,000,000 Chiron uber supercar. The history of the marque is filled with rich stories of unique automobiles crafted singly for wealthy potentates, Grand Prix drivers escaping from the Nazis and design elements that changed the history of the motorcar. After the death of founder Ettore Bugatti in 1947, the marque soon died but was revived in the 1990s and bought by VW Group.

Ettore Bugatti

Bugatti now produces the world’s most expensive GT cars and has created a culture beyond motorcars.

That is not without precedence because Ettore Bugatti made but never sold objects that he felt were not to his standards; such as an electric cart, grooming kit, saddlery, tools and even a bicycle.

Bugatti Bicycle (Bugatti Trust)


Today, Bugatti designs clothes, leather accessories, home furniture and even Villas with your car in the living room.

Bugatti Villa Design


Why a bicycle?

PG Bugatti Bike

Bicycles are hot trending these days because of their green credentials. Car manufacturers have to produce electric tin pot cars to balance the carbon footprint of their gas guzzlers. I don’t think that is why Bugatti designed this velocipede.

Ettore Bugatti rode a ‘penny farthing’ velocipede around the factory and there is a famous photo of him pedalling alongside the Type 57G entrant for the 1937 Le Mans 24-hour competition.

Penny Farthing with Bugatti 1937 Le Mans car (Bugatti Trust)

Achim Anscheidt, Director of Design at Bugatti Automobiles said: “The goal of developing a high-tech product using the newest and finest materials for lightweight construction which, on top of that, was to bear our brand DNA, convinced us to develop the bike’s design together with PG and to suggest formal ideas.”

PG Bugatti Bike

The bicycle is utterly gorgeous. Ettore Bugatti believed that, “If it looks right, it is right.”

It is developed in Germany under licence by ‘PG Bikes’ and constructed by ‘Bernd Kussmaul’, who also produce components for the Bugatti Veyron and Chiron cars.

The PG lifestyle has won over many celebrities, including  Orlando Bloom, Lady Gaga, Christoph Waltz and Bryan Adams.

PG Bugatti Bike

Manuel Ostner, CEO of PG said: “We had the vision of building the ultimate bicycle to go with the ultimate car: ultimate in design, workmanship and performance. That is why we are very happy that Bugatti supports this vision, and we are proud to be able to use the name of this extraordinary brand for our product.”

PG Bugatti Bike

Weighing less than five kilograms, it is claimed to be “the lightest special urban bike in the world”. The caveat from the builder is that “the ‘special’ bike is a piece of sports equipment which is not intended to be used on public roads“.

How special is that?  You spend $39,000 and can’t ride it in town!

PG Bugatti Bike


Bike Talk

There are few details about the frame itself except they claim the bike is more than 95% carbon fibre. All frame cross sections are oversized to ensure maximum rigidity and have been optimised for aerodynamics.

We can see the belt-driven, single-speed transmission features one chain, only one right chain stay and only one left seat stay; there are usually a pair of each stay on regular bicycles.



The other top-end parts (forks, rims, handlebar, seat, seat post, crank, brakes, hubs, rims, spokes, gears, belt) are supplied by German component manufacturers ‘Tune’, ‘THM’ and ‘Lightweight’ for an ‘all-German build’.


PG Bugatti Bike



After construction, each bicycle is customised to the client’s requirements “by hand” at the PG Bugatti showroom in Weinstadt. The bicycles can be customised to reflect the style of the customers’ Bugatti Veyrons or Chirons with special paints, carbon in different colours, and the choice of a multitude of leathers.

Matching Bugattis







Orders are now being accepted for PG Bugatti bikes; only 667 units available.

The standard PG Bugatti bike is $39,000 and prices go up from there with customisation.

If you can afford a $3,000,000 Chiron, the cost of the bike is probably ‘small change’ in any currency.

They all come with the red oval BUGATTI logo as standard!




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