First GoS Sarek Ladies watch

Melvyn Teillol-Foo

Sarek Ladies

Gustafsson ō Sjögren or GoS Watches launched their first feminine watch — Sarek Ladies — at the Baselworld 2017 trade show so that ladies of today can also enjoy Signs of Viking Past.

GoS Sarek Ladies – black moose leather






Unique Swedish Hand-forged Watches

Gustafsson & Sjögren products

Gustafsson & Sjögren, GoS Watches, is a partnership between the master bladesmith Johan Gustafsson and master watchmaker Patrik Sjögren of Sweden. They first met in 2007 and soon realized that they both share a deep passion for their respective crafts and for the ancient Scandinavian craft tradition.

Patrik Sjogren (photo by MTF) @alphaluxe

Their early watches featured hand-forged Damascus steel for dials at first, then also for the cases and eventually for the mainplates of the mechanical movements. As every forged piece has patterns with a different character and personality, every GoS watch is truly one-of-a-kind and a piece of art.


Winter Nights for PuristS

GoS Winter Nights for PuristS (photo by MTF) @alphaluxe

I know the joy of a GoS watch, being the proud owner of one of the 10-piece limited edition Winter Nights for PuristS timepieces from the Nordic Seasons Collection, that had the ultimate expression of hand-forged Damascus steel for dial, case and movement.

The hand-forged Damascus steel mainplates of the hand-wind mechanical movement was a world’s first.

GoS Winter Nights for PuristS (photo by MTF) @alphaluxe


Signs of Viking Past

Gradually, founders Patrik Sjögren and Johan Gustafsson, came to realise the GoS core values.

“Swedish handcraft and organic shapes from Scandinavian nature have always been a big influence but we found that Johan´s and my shared love and admiration of Viking handcraft and design could be much further developed. Both Johan and I have independently noted that much of what we do have a definitive connection with shapes seen in Viking artifacts, even when we did not do it, on purpose. We decided to take this influence one step further by documenting Viking era items that we found interesting, either through their shapes or their function. This research material was then used as input for practically every decision on design, shape and function. Elegance was however a primary goal, which means that all influences have been extensively reworked to create a result that is elegant but still uniquely GoS.”Patrik Sjögren, Watchmaker

GoS Sarek Gents

Some of these details were introduced in the Sarek Gents watch in 2016 but many new design choices will be seen in future. No doubt, with the distillation and clarity of design motifs now established, GoS will introduce more of their Viking legacy in subtle design details, as illustrated below for watch crowns, hands and hour markers.

GoS Design Elements – crown

Already, we can see the Viking motifs on the crowns of the Sarek watches.

Shapes from Viking sword handles were the main source of inspiration for the new GoS crown.

Viking Sword



GoS Design Elements – hands and index ring

Johan Gustafsson has a remarkable ability to express natural vibrant colours in his hand forged steel. The patterns and tempered natural colours of the Sarek damascus steel dials are inspired by the Sarek National Park in Swedish Lapland, a confluence of sky, water and land of natural beauty.  Sarek National Park is a Swedish national treasure and is often referred to as Europe’s last true wilderness area. It hosts the largest Moose (Alg or Elk) in Europe and is also  home to 100 glaciers and six of Sweden’s 13 highest peaks.

Sarek National Park

Usually, Damascus steel is associated with manly pursuits with knives and guns, inherently rough and raw bloodsports or testosterone-filled nights around campfires. The makers believe that the Sarek is the most elegant watch collection they have developed to date and after handling it myself, I’m prepared to believe them.


First GoS Ladies watch

This year, they are proud to announce the first GoS ladies watch.

The Sarek Ladies is the first ever women’s watch with a Damascus steel dial.

Sarek Ladies with pastel blue strap (photo by MTF) @alphaluxe

The 31.5 mm diameter ladies model shares some of the Viking inspired details introduced on the men’s Sarek, while adding new details such as the strap screws.

The elliptic grooves on the case ring have been made more elegant on the ladies’ Sarek and the whole case is high gloss polished.

The index markers of Sarek Ladies are also different, being opened to show the coloured steel below.

The slightly sloped case interior provides more light to the indexes and provides a surface on which the coloured Damascus steel is reflected.

GoS Sarek Ladies red-purple dial (photo by MTF) @alphaluxe

The hands of the Sarek Ladies are high gloss polished in a dauphine finish with a center ridge to reflect Viking arrow and spear heads.

GoS Sarek Ladies – yellow orange dial (photo by MTF) @alphaluxe


Sarek is powered by an automatic winding movement with a customised GoS Viking triskele rotor.

Soprod A10 movement

The Sarek Ladies is available with black Sarek moose leather strap or optional pastel coloured straps in high quality calf leather, all fitted with a stainless steel folding clasp.

Alg in its homelands


True Cost of Luxury is the Choice that it Affords

The retail price of either Sarek Gents or Ladies is US$7,800 + applicable taxes; so Scandinavian that even the prices are “unisex” or “gender-equalised”.   🙂

Like all GoS watches, every Sarek dial has a unique pattern and colouring but all will share with the same character. Clients can also request alternative colours when ordering directly from GoS.