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The power of salt?

Common Salt

I have heard about the power of love, but the power of salt?  I was very skeptical about this piece.

I’ve had a handful of AlphaLuxe readers message me asking for my thoughts on salt rooms, and the reality was, until very recently, I didn’t have any because I had never been to one.

I knew salt is allegedly an aid for “detox”, but I had never been to one of the salt rooms that are available in the New York City Tri-State area.

But just for you, twist my arm…
I go to the salt room.


Himalayan Salt

What is a salt room?

Salt rooms operate using dry salt instead of wet salt like we would find at the ocean.

What comes to mind with dry salt is curing meat and confirmed my hunch, almost verbatim.
That did not appeal to me at all.

Looking further I discovered that dry salts are sea salts, which have undergone a process of spinning, drying and filtering to become a specific grain size so that they have a maximum moisture content of only 0.3% (Thank you, INFOSA)

Knowing that I wasn’t headed to a meat locker for people, I felt better, and curious.


How does salt therapy work?

Salt Room

A machine called a halogenerator produces an aerosol, a mist if you like, by crushing rock salt grains to the size of 1 to 5 microns. The generator (located outside the wall of the salt room) blows dry salt into the room via a small opening in the wall. The walls of the room are also covered in salt.
Breathing this dry, salty air boasts a host of alleged benefits…


What are those benefits?

Single Session with Relaxing Sounds

Benefits of dry salt include, and are not limited to help with psoriasis, asthma, snoring, stress (um…Yes) hay fever (um…Yes,) and ear infections. While I’ve battled my fair share of psoriasis in the past, hay fever and stress are the ailments that seemed most pressing for me to address with therapy.
I made my 25-minute appointment for the “single room session” for $35 on 7th Avenue at BREATHE Salt Rooms.

About BREATHE Salt Rooms

BREATHE has five locations; three in NYC (Park Ave., 7th Ave. and Saks 5th Ave.) and two in Westchester (Katonah and Dobbs Ferry).

They offer purchase options in two categories: “Rooms” and “Beds.”

Salt Room Session

A “Room” defined by BREATHE is a common area that holds 4 – 8 people, while a “Bed” is a private room.


Salt Bed Session

The “Bed” option is slightly more expensive; the single session is $40. If you are seeking completely solitude, book the bed.



“Room” x 5 sessions is $150 and “Room” x 10 sessions is $250 .
“Bed” x 5 sessions is $175 and “Bed” x10 sessions is $300.
They also offer monthly memberships if you really want to ‘salt’ yourself crazy and range from $205 for a family of four with unlimited use (Yes, the Westchester location has a kids salt room) to only $135 per month if you’re flying solo.

Westchester Kids Salt Room

BREATHE’s Westchester locations also provide dedicated kids salt rooms so that kids can have fun while enjoying the healing benefits of salt in their respiratory system and on their skin. Unlike adults who want to kick back and relax, kids like to play in the salt. BREATHE provides shovels, pails and other toys that make the experience feel like a day at the beach.



They also have Yoga Sessions in the Salt Rooms but that is an unexplored topic…

Salt Room Yoga

Salt Room Yoga

The First Experience

The experience was lovely. The space was clean, well maintained, attractive and the staff very friendly. I found that sitting for 25 minutes straight, while conscious, was enjoyable and an element of luxury I haven’t had in a few years.

I was not turned on to this until the following morning.

For the first time in a very long time, I was not congested when I woke up. The difference was remarkable from what I considered, “normal,” to what this “new” way of breathing felt like. It followed me through the day. My workout performance was stronger because I could breathe better, my concentration at work was better and I didn’t get a late afternoon headache.

At the start of this experience, I could not imagine having a monthly membership to a salt room, now, I’m signing up for the monthly package so I can go any time and unlimited.

I’m sure the individual results vary, but I definitely encourage you to give this treatment experience a try.




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