Jetfoiler eFoil: Electric Fun on Water

Melvyn Teillol-Foo

Electricity and Water Mix

Jetfoiler eFoil

Electric Vehicles (EV) are everywhere these days and now they’ve made it onto water.

Jetfoiler just presented a bit of kit for fun on the water with electricity.

Usually, it is inadvisable to mix electricity with water let alone try to have fun with that deadly mix. The bizarre Jetfoiler eFoil goes against natural intuition.


1. a water craft equipped with hydrofoils that uses an electric motor or motors for propulsion.

Don Montague


Jetfoiler eFoil

Taking the idea of a motorised surfboard (for indeed, such surfboards do exist) forward by  adding a hydrofoil, Kai Concepts created a board that hovers just above the surface of the water.

Kai Concepts is a team with a varied combination of backgrounds in engineering, manufacturing, inflatable design, competitive windsurfing and kitesurfing, multimedia production, and software development. Led by Don Montague, our Bay Area team has pushed the limits of water sports innovation for years.


Don’s design experience can be traced back to a career as a sail and kite designer, including a tenure at Naish International as Head of R&D. Don first began experimenting with hydrofoil test platforms through Makani Power, a Bay Area wind power company that he co-founded in 2006. Half of the current Kai Concepts team began their careers with him at Makani Power, where they were drawn by a promise of changing the world through renewable energy while chasing the wind.


As the creators of the kiteboat, a foiling trimaran pulled by a kite that can sail three times the wind speed, the Kai Concepts team has unique experience with the build, test, and control of hydrofoil systems. Recently, they ventured into electric motor research, notably converting the kiteboat into an electric foiler (eFoil). “The Airfoiler” exceeded 34 knots in initial testing powered by only a few light-weight motors driving propellers in the air.


Jetfoiler eFoil

The Jetfoiler represents the next logical step in hydrofoil technology, pairing the sleek and silent foil with a clean and quiet electric motor. Constructed from the same quality composites used in top-flight race boats, the Jetfoiler board and foil are light, strong, and low-drag, allowing the device to take full advantage of the provided power.

Everyone can eFoil

What’s more, as a “no-wind-required” sport, a fun family excursion, or a training tool for the aspiring kitefoiler, the Jetfoiler allows riders of varying ages and abilities to discover the power and thrill of gliding above the surface of the water.


The electric motor is placed directly onto the hydrofoil so it that it allows users to train for kiteboarding without a kite. Or you can primarily enjoy the thrill of the silent ride hovering a foot above the waves.  At high speeds, you ride really high above the water.  Minimal drag allows the most efficient use of the electric motor while remaining energy efficient. The innovative electric machine hardly makes a sound and leaves no wake in its path.

The ingenious part is the handheld controller of speed and course.  You even get an optional cruise control that kicks in at a preset speed.

If you get to be an expert, all sorts of water conditions can be tackled.

Calm water


Rough seas



There isn’t one.

Nothing on the InterWeb.

Nada. Zilch. Who knows?

This is luxury….”Gotta have it…piku piku.”


Surfing through Amsterdam



This video shows the eFoil creator riding it along the canal network of Amsterdam, which is illegal according to ancient laws. Walking on water, let alone hovering is a “moving violation”….






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