CHOPARD Queen of Kalahari part 2: Blooms of the Desert

Melvyn Teillol-Foo

342 carats Queen of Kalahari diamond model

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Caroline Scheufele at Kurowe Mine in Botswana

Even the co-president of Chopard, Caroline Scheufele, must admit that being presented with a 342-carat stone of perfect colour and absolute purity is a once-a-lifetime opportunity that she and the House of Chopard tackled with alacrity to produce a set of 23 diamonds – The Garden of Kalahari – of which, five gemstones each weigh over 20 carats.

Chopard Atelier

Each of the main stone cuts – cushion, brilliant, heart, emerald and pear – is represented. “Faced with this rough diamond, we had a number of potential options. I wanted to explore every possibility and to represent all diamond cuts.” – Caroline Scheufele.


“Diamonds are a Gift from God”

Chopard Garden of Kalahari Collection

Of course, fortune favours the benevolent.

As an early advocate for sustainable development in jewellery, Chopard actively encouraged the Karowe mine to join the growing number of Chopard’s ethical supply partners – Fairmined® gold, coloured gemstones and diamonds – to adopt Eco-Age’s independent Green Carpet Challenge validation criteria that maintain best international practices in environmental and social justice.

Fairmined gold

The Karowe mine is continuing on its journey to sustainability and in the final stages to achieve the Responsible Jewellery Council certification. With this Sustainable Luxury partnership, Kurowe mine immediately called Chopard when the, then, un-named ‘Queen of Kalahari’ diamond was found.

Opals RJC certified


The Garden of Kalahari

The Garden of Kalahari 50-carat brilliant cut

As Chopard Creative Director, Caroline Scheufele sketched the stories, symbols and motifs around the Big-5 stones.

The breath-taking 50-carat brilliant cut becomes a sunflower, the 26-carat heart shape a delicate pansy, the 25-carat pear shape a majestic banana blossom, the 20-carat cushion cut is a flaming poppy and the 21-carat emerald cut floats on a pool with a water lily.

The Garden of Kalahari 26-carat heart cut


The Garden of Kalahari 25-carat Pear cut

As an avid gardener, Caroline Scheufele drew together the shapes, echoes, reflections and colours of an imaginary garden blooming in the desert.

These five diamonds are the masterpieces of the 23 diamonds of The Garden of Kalahari.

The Garden of Kalahari 20-carat cushion cut


The Garden of Kalahari 21-carat emerald cut

The Big-5 are complemented by the Queen of Kalahari’s remaining offspring: 18 stones, plus smaller petal-shaped and pavé diamonds also sourced from Botswana.

These incomparable gems are set into the delicate, feminine, lace-like ‘Precious Chopard’ patterns that are a signature motif of Chopard High Jewellery.

The Garden of Kalahari Big-5 diamonds


The Queen of Kalahari: The Creative Process


The Garden of Kalahari: Chopard Atelier


More in Part 3….

CHOPARD Queen of Kalahari part 3


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