Hotel Review: The Four Seasons Austin, Texas

Angela Ranieri

It’s the capital of Texas and the Live Music Capital of the World!
‘Sperling’s Best Places’ states that Austin, Texas has 228 sunny days a year. Over the last decade, Austin had quite a boom, as the US Census figures reported a 2.9% growth between July 1, 2013 and July 1, 2014. Reasons for growth include job opportunities, warm weather, and a lower cost of living comparable to San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York.

Many heading to this city are the hipster and celebrity crowd. Lance Armstrong, Sandra Bullock and Matt McConaughey have residences here. I am neither a hipster nor a celebrity, but I do visit Austin often enough. While I cannot shake off my uptight, northeastern ways; I could never adjust to living in Austin, as the city is close to the size of NYC in mass, but very spread out (lots of time in the car).  That said, I do enjoy an occasional visit.


During this trip down, I stayed somewhere new to me and discovered a place that suits people like me; a travel support group, if you will, for people who aren’t Austin style “cool” enough. A lodging experience for people who want R & R between Tex Mex meals. People who want to park the car and not see it again for a few days and people who want some sun, but prefer poolside to lakeside.  If this description sounds like you, The Four Seasons Austin may be just the rodeo you are looking for.

The Four Seasons Austin


Location Location Location

Austin, Texas

Downtown Austin, with views of the Capitol Building is the home of this lovely hotel, located at 98 San Jacinto Boulevard.

This location is perfect if you want to be on foot around Austin. We walked to restaurants, shops, toy stores and bars with no problem and for us, that was just what we needed.

Toy Joy

Toy Joy

A trip to Toy Joy at 403 West 2nd Street is a must whether you are traveling with little ones or not. This place is fun and my son found lots of goodies.

Toy Joy


Uncle Julio’s

Another short walk, and you should check out Uncle Julios at 301 Brazos Street. Casual, family friendly, lively atmosphere with delicious grilled fish tacos and an insane fajita Cobb salad. The drinks, my travel companions had checked out, and I’m told tasted delicious. They had swirl margaritas; a little too adventurous for me, but I’m told if you can handle the tequila, they are a must.

Uncle Julio’s


The Spa at Four Seasons Austin

Anyway, back on the ranch, I mean at the hotel, I spent a good amount of time at the Spa.



They have a Himalayan salt wall, where you can rest pre- or post-treatment and inhale all of the purified air you can handle, to help you detox, balance hormones and improve cellular regeneration.

Himalayan Salt Wall

After my salt infused respite, I was whisked off to the ‘Själ Sapphire and Pearl Chakra Balancing Facial’ (80 minutes, $225).  I have not used the Själ Line in ages and was beyond excited to have this experience. The line is a gemstone infused skin care line. Each product in the själ range is ‘charged’ with minerals that act as electro-stimulants; these minerals function as semi-conductors increasing cellular performance, helping the product penetrate and repair the skin efficiently and luxuriously.

Själ incorporates blue sapphire in this service to calm and detoxify the skin, while using pearl to improve overall texture and appearance.



Swimming Pool

When I was done getting my ‘Facial’, I glided to the pool and met my travel companions.

A pristine, salt water, outdoor pool overlooking Lady Bird Lake, with a pool menu from Trio restaurant, was my only opportunity to experience on-site cuisine.

We selected chips and salsa (when in Rome…) shrimp cocktail, fish tacos and Bloody Mary’s.

The food was delicious, perfectly seasoned and excellent for outdoor dining in very warm weather.

Big Bakes: This is Texas

The pool was not crowded and was pristine.

We spent all afternoon into the evening enjoying the view and keeping cool.


Trio restaurant

Of course, the indoor dining facilities are top notch too!




AlphaLuxe concludes: Go!

Austin by Night

While most of Austin is casual, which I love, the experience of the Four Seasons brings a luxury element that if you are seeking the pool and spa experience while on your visit, would make this the hotel of choice.

Happy travels!


Austin, Texas


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