CHOPARD Silk Road Collection — ​High Jewellery meets Couture

Melvyn Teillol-Foo

Silk Road Collection

(L) Guo Pei and (R) Caroline Scheufele

Chopard Co-President Caroline Scheufele collaborates with Chinese fashion designer Guo Pei to create a unique High Jewellery collection. The Chopard Silk Road Collection [click]  is a masterpiece distilled from an encounter between two women with a shared love of creative design, and between two Maisons expressing exceptional skills.

Guo Pei couture and Chopard Silk Road necklace

Incorporating core principles of High Jewellery and Couture artistic crafts,  Caroline Scheufele and Guo Pei used silhouettes and movement, architecture and light, details and majesty on their joint collection in which jewellery and apparel meet and mingle to embroider some truly exceptional pieces. Chopard sets the stage for its most prestigious gems, in turn inspiring the most extravagant gowns.

Guo Pei couture and Chopard Necklace ref. 819913-1001


Necklace ref. 819913-1001

Alongside its new shapes and new uses, representing dainty stitches interweaving High Jewellery with Couture, the Silk Road collection also reveals the common ground between these two worlds in shaping a silhouette. Witness the diamond lacework Peter Pan collar necklace with its detachable central emerald: perfect lines, candid charm and a dazzling effect.


 High Jewellery and Couture

Guo Pei couture


Necklace ref. 819936-9001


The theme was embroidered from the Silk Road and Asian colours and fabrics to give rise to a vast and opulent collection of High Jewellery. Based on these models, Guo Pei continued the creative adventure, weaving the jewellery into her own world and putting together a Couture collection tailored to the same high standards.

Guo Pei couture

What Asian theme would be complete without a tribute to jade?

Making of Silk Road Collection


Earrings ref. 848038-9001


A Brief Encounter

Chopard Co-President and Creative Director Caroline Scheufele first met the Chinese fashion designer Guo Pei at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival, where they discovered a reciprocal admiration for each other’s work. That September, Guo Pei took up Caroline Scheufele’s invitation to visit the Chopard High Jewellery workshops in Geneva.

Making of Silk Road Collection

The visit sparked the idea of a collaboration. Since January 2015, Chopard has been a “Jewellery” member of the Fédération Française de la Couture and is invited to exhibit jewellery during Paris Couture Week. Guo Pei became a “Guest” member of the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture in 2016. Two powerful feminine career paths whose destinies are interwoven by shared artistic passions.

Making of Silk Road Collection


Making of Silk Road Collection


Silk Road Collection — style elements

Chocker ref.818011-1001

Inspired by beauties of nature, both women express their sensitivity to plants through poetic creations.

Long necklace ref. 818037-9001


Making of Silk Road Collection

Floral beauties depicted through gem-setting, the delicate fold of a gown, or the motif of a finely sculpted ‘secret’ watch: all contribute to weaving fresh ties between their two worlds and revealing the common threads running through this joint collection.


Asia is another major influence and unfolds its imaginary world, its aesthetic characteristics, its colour spectrum and its scent of opulence.

Silk Road Collection Sketch


Making of Silk Road Collection


Bracelet ref. 859938-9001


Earrings ref. 849980-9003


Spectacular creations

An impressive spectacular creation is an open necklace in blackened silver, white gold and rubies. When gently twisted and placed around the neck, it opens and then resumes its original shape thanks to the suppleness and technical nature of the materials. Its two ruby pompons create a spectacular graphic effect.

Necklace ref. 818043-9001


Making Silk Road Collection


Earrings ref. 848043-9001


One other necklace picks up the dainty lacework, stone-cut and setting characteristics that have become hallmarks of the Maison Chopard: this exquisitely precious, finely crafted ribbon of light creates a stunning effect, setting off the beautiful rose-cut heart-shaped diamonds to their best advantage.

Necklace ref. 818006-1001

Elsewhere, on other models, unexpected colour combinations offer a new jewellery discourse: diamonds, emeralds and Paraiba tourmalines, the two latter being rarely combined in jewellery, set the stage for new chromatic horizons.

Earrings ref. 849938-9001_


Another stellar model in the collection showcases the ever finer boundaries between High Jewellery and Couture: a gorgeous set composed of a necklace and earrings. Made of aluminium, rose gold and gems, it is the highlight of the wedding dress designed by Guo Pei and inspired by this jewellery creation.

Necklace ref. 810447-9001


Earrings ref. 810447-9001



 Prêt-à-porter models


Silk Road Happy Sport 36mm watch

A number of prêt-à-porter models round off the collection, expressing the Chopard spirit and aesthetic codes right the way through to the wonderful simplicity of a diamond sautoir necklace and a Happy Sport watch: as ever, excellence lies in details.

Long necklace ref. 819920-1002


AlphaLuxe Comment

A refreshing change is embodied by this Silk Road Collection, which interprets elegance and jewellery expertise with “seamstress dexterity”. Despite the economic slowdown, the Chinese luxury market is still booming for the select few. Chopard leverages its creativity and strengthens its relevance on the international scene. The collaboration with a Chinese designer who has “invaded” Paris Couture Week and the vibrant Silk Road Collection, through a joint runway show with Guo Pei, can only be a good thing.



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