Baume & Mercier and Indian Motorcycle Announce Partnership

Melvyn Teillol-Foo

14th August 2017, Bonneville, Utah

After a strong partnership with Shelby Cobra cars in 2015, Swiss watchmaker Baume et Mercier has strengthened their position in the masculine sport segment with a complementary second concept, as powerful, original and emotional as the first. Now, it’s motorcycles in partnership with Indian Motorcycle®, America’s First Motorcycle Company®.

On 13th August 2017, Indian and Baume & Mercier paid tribute to Burt Munro to celebrate the 50th anniversary of his speed record. Since 1967 on Bonneville Salt Flats, this hero’s record remains undisputed: “World’s Fastest Indian”. Fifty years later, Burt Munro’s great-nephew followed the great man’s path. He rode a modern version of the Indian Scout in a very emotional tribute.

(L) Alain Zimmermann CEO of Baume & Mercier and (R) Grant Bester VP Indian Motorcycle EMEA

In this unique collaboration, the two brands will capture the iconic spirit and translate it into a series of limited edition watches paying tribute to Indian Motorcycle’s iconic history, and which will be revealed later this year.

Upon announcing the association, Vice President, Indian Motorcycle EMEA, Grant Bester commented, “The core values that both Baume & Mercier and Indian Motorcycle share are intrinsically aligned, thanks to the dedication that delivers iconic products combining craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technologies. We are delighted to reach this agreement with one of the world’s greatest watchmakers and believe this cooperation will bring great opportunities to both brands with wider exposure in new areas.”

“We are very proud and honoured to partner with Indian Motorcycle,” said Alain Zimmermann CEO of Baume & Mercier. “Our agreement is cherished by our common pursuit of perfection, quality and craftsmanship, translated all in iconic design and contemporary esthetic. Our brands have both strong-shared values and exude exceptional spirit.”


This follows Baume & Mercier’s previous association with Shelby Cobra in 2015 that spawned the two Capeland Shelby® Cobra watches.

Baume & Mercier wants to strengthen their association with the masculine sport segment.

Capeland Shelby® Cobra Steel Chronograph 1,965-Piece Limited Edition


Until recently, Baume & Mercier was the watch that your grandparents got you for births, graduations and bar mitzvahs. The advertising tag-line was: “Life is about moments…”

It was all about memories of special occasions…very touchy feely and a bit girly.


Now, smell the oil and manly sweat from this new segment of Baume & Mercier……Why, it’s greased lightning!

Carroll Shelby

On the other hand (literally): check out the tiny bracelet on Mr Shelby’s other wrist  🙂


AlphaLuxe Comment

With the historical strength of Baume & Mercier in the USA market and the legends of Indian Motorcycles, it is likely that the main market for the “future collaboration” watches will be N. America.


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