Skillmill Treadmill from Technogym; Review and Video

Angela Ranieri


In 2016, TechnoGym released the SKILLMILL™ Treadmill, a non motorized treadmill.

Wondrous is the word that comes to mind to describe this machine. If this is not in your at home gym, it should be. If you’re fortunate to belong to Equinox Fitness or Lifetime Fitness, chances are there is one at your gym.

Trust me, it’s in your best interest to get on it. And don’t wait, because it will give you show-stopping glutes and hamstrings.

I’m fortunate to have one at my gym, and decided to try it out, as curiosity was nudging at me.


The Beauty of This Treadmill

This machine is so very easy to operate, that even those who have some animosity toward the regular motorized treadmills, will find a workout on this machine that suits their needs.

MultiDrive stick shift

The resistance options, known as the “Multidrive System,” will allow you to take a run or power walk, where you control the belt, or set this machine to assist you with a high intensity training workout using maximum resistance.


Skillmill CONNECT


My Experience

A few disclaimers:
I’m hopelessly uncoordinated when I try a new piece of gym equipment.
I’m terrified of falling off from my discoordination.

Because of the above, I was very delicate when I tried it but within the first two minutes, I realized I could conquer the world on this machine (not really, but that’s how I felt).

Dual Handle Positions

Do not think that the absence of a motor means that you will have a light workout.
Quite the contrary. Your body has to move that belt.  I quickly learned that this machine will only go as fast as you push it.

To speed up, place your weight on your toes and move to the front of the tread.

To slow down, place your weight on your heels and move to the back.

Because of that you can side-step or even walk backwards (I would never do either of those on a regular treadmill).

Class training

Some options to try include a run or power walk with a light resistance, but stand up straight or you could face plant! You can side shuffle with medium resistance, but my most favorite workout was the sled push using high resistance. I could feel the burn in that hard to reach area between my glute and upper thigh within the first 30 seconds.
Just like most cardio equipment, the console tracks your performance including heart rate, mileage and effort.

Skillmill with accessory


If you don’t believe me

Let’s say you don’t want to take my word for it…I understand. Technogym understands too. That is why they test their products on Olympic athletes in the product development phase, to give people like me, who have not quite reached the amateur status to get to the Olympics, an exceptional exercise experience.

Interval Training


There is an App for that!


The lack of a motor does not means a lack of technology. The skillmill has an App called UNITY™ SELF that allows users and trainers to watch and create their own workouts. Program your App and track your progress to reach your fitness goals.




VIDEO: Skillmill Treadmill



In short, this machine offers cardio and full body weight training in-one, starting from a cool $8,000.
SKILLMILL™ GO is the basic treadmill without console monitor.

Skillmill GO


A fully-connected product with a large backlit LCD display and data tracking function to assess personal workout parameters and results, and store these via the cloud-based mywellness® open platform.

Skillmill CONNECT


If you have space for it, you must add this to your home.
For now, you can find me tinkering around on it at Equinox Fitness, trying to keep it all high and tight!





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