Top-5 Male and Female Adult Halloween Costumes

Angela Ranieri

Trick or Treat for Adults?

It seems that ‘Trick or Treating’ in the United States and abroad can be traced to becoming a widespread practice in the 1930s. The Book of Hallowe’en (1919) written by Ruth Edna Kelley traces the history around the world and the religious practices related to Halloween by different cultures. Symbols like the Jack O’ Lantern evolved over time. The Scottish practiced pranks on Halloween dating as far back as 1785.
In England people of the Christian faith practiced “souling” on Halloween, which was the practice of begging wealthy people for soul cakes in exchange for praying for the souls of the givers and their friends. In the US, Trick or Treating began as “guising” around 1911.

All of these practices evolved to what Halloween is today.
No sooner are we saying “good bye” to Summer and in the throws of Back-to-School, and then just like that, Halloween is on our backs like a ghost, or a monkey, or something to that affect.

Personally, for the past five Halloweens (this year marks the sixth), I have spent taking my son for ‘trick or treating’, hosting a classroom party, attending the Upper West Side Halloween Block Party and leaving a great big bucket of candy for the trick or treaters in my apartment building. I tend to conclude the evening in the old fashioned way of hammering down some Milky Ways, maybe a glass of wine, and then regret how much junk I ate. I am usually not in a costume for any of the above. I look in adoration at the costumes worn, as my guilty pleasure, by ‘The Real Housewives of Anywhere’, and I realize I can not compete; I will not even try.


Halloween in Style


Shannon Beador as Mrs Roper

Who dressed better for a 1970s party better than Shannon and David Beador on ‘The Real Housewives of Orange County’? If you did not see Mrs. Roper and a kind of creepy spin on Mr. Brady, then I really cannot help you. It was costume genius.


Joe Gorga as Snookie

My friend Joe Gorga dressed as the Jersey Shore’s ‘Snookie’, albeit he looked eerily like his sister Teresa, but he rocked it; and damn….if I had those legs, what a better mood I would be in.

The costume business is no joke. Whether Halloween, or a costume party just because sometimes it is fun to be someone else, the days of homemade costumes, while still sometimes seen have been replaced by some impressive renditions that are at best theatrical, and cost some serious dollars $$$.

Hang on to your hats ghosts and goblins-to-be… are the top five most extravagant women’s Halloween costumes and top 5 men’s Halloween costumes. I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Top 5 Womens’ Halloween Costumes


5. Women’s Ninety-Nine Nights Cosplay: $4,271


Ninety Nine Nights Inphyy Costume (photo by spookyelectric)

Ninety-Nine Nights is a slash video game developed for Xbox360. Get your “medieval on” and salute Xbox simultaneously in this custom costume made specifically to your measurements from the wings to the shoes.

Ninety Nine Nights Inphyy Costume

I would consider this just for the shoes.
And good news, its currently on sale for $2,990, but act quickly as it can take up to 90 days to create.

Ninety Nine Nights Inphyy Costume

Check it out on Amazon


4. Star Costumes Fierce Eagle Mascot Costume: $1,045

Fierce Eagle Mascot

Do you want to convey power? Maybe act as a symbol of Freedom?

For $1,045, you can soar like an Eagle. Literally a head to toe ensemble, this costume from Star Costumes will have you a walking symbol of honesty.


3. Belly Dance Professional Adult Costume for Events, Halloween and Parties: $690


Belly Dancer

Take a trip in time to the Belly Dance that originated in India, over 5,000 years ago. The costume detail is as close to the original as you can find.

An added bonus? You can view this as an investment if you decide to start moonlighting to practice this ancient dance style, $690.


2. Starline Signature Fallen Angel Sexy Costume $500


Fallen Angel

For just under $500 this costume can be yours.

The Fallen Angel, not only rebellious, but controversial: “Time to Turn Some Heads” 😊


1. Mtxc Women’s Evangelion Cosplay Makinami Mari Pilot Uniform $1,500


CosPlay Evangelion Makinami Mari Pilot

The number 1 pic for 2017.

CosPlay Evangelion Makinami Mari Pilot

For just under $1,500 this costume exudes fun and it is pink! Not only are you a robot, but you are from an incredibly popular video game. I suspect this investment will buy you fans in the pre-teen age range.


Top 5 Mens’ Halloween Costumes


5. Binglinghua One-Piece Wrestling Sumo Fat Suit $1,200


Sumo Fat Suit

Cosplay Sumotori, another term for Rikishi, or a Sumo Wrestler, if you will.

This form of wrestling is steeped in history and legend in the Japanese culture. Grab a friend and make this really authentic, it is $1,200 per costume, the memories are invaluable.


4. Cartoon Elephant Mascot Costume $1,045


Where’s my trunk?

What can you say about this costume? It is just too cute and is available for $1,045.


3. Rubie’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Supreme Edition Armored Batman $750


Batman Armored Suit

It is not Halloween without someone dressed as Batman. This year, why not you? Save Gotham City and look like you have been doing some serious gym time, as the muscles are built in to the costume.

Available for about $750 from the world’s largest costume manufacture Rubie’s, the muscles are included.


2. Stormtrooper Supreme Men’s Costume $820


Storm Trooper suit

Channel a soldier; a fictional soldier from the Star Wars franchise created by the one and only George Lucas.

This life like costume will certainly have you popular with the young ones and lifelong Star Wars fans for $820.


1. NauticalMart Medieval Wearable Knight Full Suit Of Armor $999


Knight suit

The number 1 costume for men is this suit of armor. The suit is 6 feet tall, made of steel and leather and has all of the trimmings to honor you with the title of, “Knight,” or at least make you an honorary one for the evening: $999.


AlphaLuxe Comment

There are so many costumes available and we hope that this got you thinking about your next creative endeavor. Robots, Supeheroes and Sci-Fi are all trending right now.

Have a wonderful Fall and ‘Trick or Treat’ !



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