Unknown Shades for Summer 2017

Melvyn Teillol-Foo

Sunglasses, Baby!

Zahn Malik and Gigi Hadid in shades

There’s not much Summer left for 2017 but we still have to be prepared for those lazy, hazy, days of sunshine. Rather than the common-or-garden Oakley, Ray-Ban or Maui Jim, there are a number of younger and smaller brands that produce “Unknown” shades that are on-trend and fashion-forward.

Assume that they all comply with eyewear regulations for optical clarity and light transmission (Visible, UV and IR), as well as Health & Safety.

Here are 8 labels that you must have a look at, ranging from $45 and beyond $375 ….



Perverse Henley JenJen

Only a year old, the Perverse brand has attracted the younger celebs like Cara Delevingne, Kendall Jenner and Jaden Smith because its philosophy is affordable on-trend shades so you can build a collection of accessories.

$45  from perverseglasses.com



Zanzan Erzulie Tangerine

This British brand is fashionably wild with its colours and prints to the tune of $90 a pair.



Le Specs Luxe

Le Specs Luxe Pharoah gold

Well known optics brand introduced a luxury range at higher prices.

This gold pair already has users like Justin Bieber and Lady GaGa.

$119 from lespecs.com


Cast Eyewear

Cast Eyeare You and I are in Love

To infinity and beyond!

These futuristic Cast Eyewear frames are a hit with fashion-forward fans like Cara Delevigne and Rihanna.

$220 from casteyewear.com



Krewe Bengal polarized

Stirling Barrett founded his brand in 2013 and got inspiration from his hometown New Orleans for these bluesy frames that count Alessandra Ambrosio, Gigi Hadid, Beyonce, Reese Witherspoon, Kendall Jenner and Dakota Fanning as early adopters.

$235 from krewe.com


Gentle Monster

Gentle Monster

Funky brand re-mix of classic shapes into a stylish stand-out pair of shades.

$260 from gentlemonster.com


Smoke x Mirrors

Smoke x Mirrors ZouBisou red

This New York brand recently launched its Made-in-France unisex sunglasses with the mantra: “objects too, can have a soul.”

$325 from smokexmirrors.com


Alice + Olivia Eyewear

Alice + Olivia: Delancey crystal black/white stripe

alice + olivia clothes and accessories may be already known to you but they just launched their first sunglasses collection. With 1980s inspired round frames and quirky cat eyes models, designer Stacey Bender adds FUN to her shades.

$375 from aliceandolivia.com



Author’s Biography: Melvyn Teillol-Foo (MTF)

Dr Melvyn Teillol-Foo is a contributor on AlphaLuxe web-zine.
He is also a moderator on PuristSPro.com horology discussion fora. He blends his scientific medical objectivity from the pharmaceutical industry with purist passion, in his musings about watches, travel, wine, food and other epicurean delights.
His travelogue ‘Lazing’ and feasting ‘Grazing’ series of articles have now passed into “mythic legend” on the original ‘ThePuristS.com’ website. Those were the halcyon days when he was “rich and famous” that he remembers with bittersweet fondness.

Dr Teillol-Foo is a quoted enthusiast on the watch industry, appearing in feature articles and interviews by Wall Street Journal, International Herald Tribune, Sunday Times (London), Chronos (Japan), Citizen Hedonist (France) and other publications. He has authored articles for magazines like International Watch (iW) – both U.S. & Chinese editions, ICON (Singapore), August Man (Singapore), Comfort (China) and The Watch (Hong Kong).

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