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Melvyn Teillol-Foo

Moving Coffee

Wacaco Minipresso on the Go

Minipresso is a compact, hand-powered portable espresso maker for coffee lovers on the move. With little effort, the Wacaco Minipresso Portable Espresso Maker prepares espresso shots of quality. The Minipresso enables you to enjoy a delicious espresso anywhere, anytime.

Even halfway up a mountain with no wi-fi signal nor electricity, sling a Minipresso in your knapsack for the perfect espresso. Minipresso is a portable coffee machine for hand-pumping the perfect espresso.

Wacaco Minipresso components

It is simple to operate and the resulting coffee has a nice crema better than any espresso except one from a specialist coffee house. You still have to do a bit of work though as it requires the strength of your hands. Inside the Wacaco Minipresso is chock full fancy engineering that you’ll never need to see or worry about.

Hand Pumping Action

Wacaco Minipresso GR version

You also need to make a decision about which version of the Minipresso to get for your frothy-topped espresso shots using hot water, ground beans (or Nespresso capsules) and the power of your own hands.

No batteries, cables or supercilious barista required!

Wacaco Minipresso squeeze

Just pop off the top and bottom caps, fill with coffee grounds or pop in a capsule, add hot water, seal them back up again, then pump….

Wacaco Minipresso Nespresso version

With just a few squeezes, the pressure inside the Minipresso reaches 116 psi – the same as a traditional espresso machine – a rich, bold espresso is extracted. This ultimate travel accessory is available to buy online from The Fowndry for $64.

Wacaco Minipresso pour


•Wacaco Minipresso portable espresso machine uses either ground coffee (GR edition) or Nespresso capsules – sold as separate models
•Fits easily in your bag or jacket pocket
•No electricity required
•Built-in espresso cup and scoop
•Lockable semi-automatic piston
•Brews coffee at 116 psi – same pressure as traditional espresso machines
•Use any ground coffee suitable for filters or cafetieres
•Minipresso Nespresso Capsule version requires genuine Nespresso capsules to function
•Hand wash only: not dishwasher safe

Wacaco Minipresso espresso


•Measures approximately 16.5cm x 7cm x 6cm (6.49″ x 2.75″ x 2.36″)
•Shipping weight (single Minipresso): 0.56kg
•Water capacity 70 ml (2.35 oz)
•Ground coffee capacity 7g (0.25 oz)
•Pressure 8 bar / 116 psi

VIDEO Minipresso RISE

AlphaLuxe Comment

Unafflicted by the coffee addiction, I am fascinated by the lengths that coffee freaks will go to for a cup of Java.

Check out AlphaLuxe report on ‘civet cat poo coffee’ HERE.

This Minipresso is a great way to put a spring in your step wherever you are and would make an ideal gift for those who enjoy backpacking, camping or on a long drive as you will have all you need to enjoy an espresso.


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