RJ x Hello Kitty watch Ups the Cuteness Ante

Melvyn Teillol-Foo

Romain Jerome X Hello Kitty Collection

The Swiss watchmaker Romain Jerome collaborates with Sanrio of Japan to celebrate Hello Kitty, a pop icon since the mid-1970s. It is RJ Watch’s first female only collection and they pay tribute to an unbelievably cute iconic figure. Hello Kitty is a cross-generational symbol for women of all ages.

Romain Jerome X Hello Kitty RJ.M.AU.IN.023.01

Hand-lacquered applique and a polished bezel.

Prices: CHF 8,888 / EUR 9,950 / USD 9,950 / GBP 8,500 / HKD 76,950 / YEN 1,328,400

The collection showcases Hello Kitty’s personality with three different models: glossy with the lacquered applique and a polished bezel, sparkling with a gem-set bezel and glittery with the applique in diamonds and pink sapphires. Each model is limited to 76 pieces to celebrate the year (1976) of the rise of the Hello Kitty character.


Generational Icons Collection

RJ Watch is known for embracing popular culture and celebrating iconic characters on their watch designs previously reported on AlphaLuxe:-

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Romain Jerome Pikachu Pokémon-DNA watch celebrates 20th anniversary of Pokémon

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty is showcased within RJ’s most distinctive 40mm case – the Moon Invader –  in neutral steel to emphasise Hello Kitty in the centre of a highly-crafted, silver-finished pixel dial. The different finishes and pixel levels create a true sense of depth, increased by the black outline of the hand-lacquered applique.

Romain Jerome X Hello Kitty

A RJ003-A mechanical self-winding Swiss movement lies within the case that has a serially numbered Hello Kitty medallion on the grainy-textured stellar pattern case-back. The lugs have safety screws and integrated ball-and-socket joints to allow flexible movement for maximum comfort on the wrist.


Romain Jerome X Hello Kitty RJ.M.AU.IN.023.03

Hand-lacquered applique and gem-set bezel

Prices: CHF 12,222 / EUR 13,500 / USD 12,950 / GBP 10,950 / HKD 105,950 / YEN 1,825,200

Overall, there is a beautiful harmony and balance between the sophistication of the model and Hello Kitty’s simple pink outfit and world-famous bow. The tips of the watch hands are painted with Superluminova C1 for a cool  “blue emission” in the dark.

Romain Jerome X Hello Kitty RJ.M.AU.IN.023.02

Applique gem-set in diamonds and pink sapphires with gem-set bezel.

Prices: CHF 15,555 / EUR 17,500 / USD 16,500 / GBP 14,500 / HKD 134,500 / YEN 2,311,200


The standard strap is white vulcanized rubber with grainy-textured stellar pattern inside and an additional pink rubber strap is supplied.


AlphaLuxe Comment

Hello Kitty’s motto is “You can never have too many friends.”

With three flavours of Hello Kitty on offer by Romain Jerome in the RJ x Hello Kitty watch collection, there is one for every size of wallet that will garner even more new friends!


Author’s Biography:  Melvyn Teillol-Foo (MTF)

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