World’s First Autonomous Robotic Sun Shade

Melvyn Teillol-Foo

ShadeCraft™ SUNFLOWER™

It was bound to happen and it has — a smart-umbrella is upon us!
We’ve seen smart phones/fridges/ovens and even automatic dog bowls; Los Angeles-based ShadeCraft just showed their prototype solar-powered smart sun shade at this year’s CES consumer show.

Armen Gharabegian

ShadeCraft founder and CEO Armen Gharabegian said, “Smart products are becoming an integral part of our lives. We are addressing their inevitable evolution from the inside to the outside of the home.”

Follow the Sun


ShadeCraft Sunflower

The Sunflower umbrella automatically senses the changing direction of the Sun and adjusts itself so you are always in the shade. Deceptively simple looking, it also has integrated security cameras, loudspeakers, a microphone, and lights.

ShadeCraft Sunflower

Dimensions: 122 x 88 x 88 inches / 310 x 224 x 224 cm

Everything works wirelessly and powered through four slim solar panels that run along the top of the frame. Being solar powered, you can use it on your patio, by the pool or even on the beach without restrictive power cables. ShadeCraft claims the batteries have autonomy up to 72 hours depending on sunlight intensity. This may be fine for Southern California or Dubai but we are still to be convinced in dreary Britain…


The 360-degree camera allows snapshots or video of your Fun Day at the Beach or extends the security net from your home.


ShadeCraft Sunflower

The loudspeakers link with your music devices by Bluetooth and if your Wi-Fi signal is strong enough, you can connect to other devices in your smart home. Virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri are at your disposal even when you’re outside.


Sensors on the umbrella connect to the worldwide InterWeb so it can monitor the weather: UV levels, humidity, air quality, temperature, wind, and even “obstructions that might prevent proper deployment”, although we are never told what that might be. I worry that may be that speeding meteorite that’s blocking the Sun…. 🙂

ShadeCraft Sunflower

Seriously, it determines if prevailing winds are too strong for shade deployment and safely folds away for safety when a hurricane approaches.

SmartShade™ App

Of course, control is via a companion App that sets up your preferences for Sunflower to do its smart thing. You also have manual control to deploy the shade as you like it but surely it should be left on ‘smart mode’.

SmartShade app

You know the old saying: “You don’t have to bark when you buy a dog!”

Our only gripe is that only iOS phones have an App now but only a promise of the Android App in 2018 — sheesh!



AlphaLuxe Comment

They should be thinking about adding Wi Fi Hotspot capability as most homes swanky enough to have a swimming pool or beachfront are too big for regular router signals to reach.

ShadeCraft Sunflower

The retail price and launch date have yet to be announced. Pundits are guesstimating around $3,000 because even non-smart high-end, aluminium patio umbrellas may cost $6,000.

On first impressions, the ShadeCraft™ Sunflower™ may be a blooming good idea.



Author’s Biography: Melvyn Teillol-Foo (MTF)

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