BMW Concept Z4: Hints of Future Roadsters

Melvyn Teillol-Foo

BMW Concept Z4

At the IAA Cars 2017 show in Frankfurt this Autumn, BMW hinted at their forthcoming product plans with a rich panoply of new models and concept vehicles. Their display stand focused on its expanded luxury class line-up, enthralling studies and production models revealed in public for the first time. BMW showcased the latest technological developments for the future of personal mobility, in which powertrain electrification, comprehensive digitalisation and other advances in the field of automated driving will play important roles.

BMW Concept Z4

The BMW Concept Z4 revealed in Frankfurt was a statement of unbridled driving pleasure. This design study looks ahead to the series-production version of the Z4 that will be unveiled over the course of 2018.

BMW Concept Z4

A shorter bonnet and distinct overhangs ensure the driver sits closer to the middle of the car than in previous BMW roadsters.

BMW Concept Z4

The surfaces and forms of the BMW Concept Z4 create a modern impression to engage the emotions. The large Air Breathers behind the front wheels act as the start of the elaborate surfaces on the flanks to appear shaped by the flow of air leaving the Air Breathers.

BMW Concept Z4

Reminders of previous classic BMW roadsters are sparked by the front end. The styling of the BMW kidney grille is reminiscent of the BMW 328 Mille Miglia. Its broad outline and low-set positioning evoke the braggadocio of the BMW Z8.

BMW Concept Z4

For the first time at BMW, the Concept Z4 has a vertical interpretation of the usual ‘four-eyed headlight’ look; two light sources are placed one on top of the other on each side. The bonnet curves over the wheels in a virtually seamless sweep over the front end, as a whole.

BMW Concept Z4

The BMW Concept Z4 uses a fluid styling and colour scheme to transition between exterior and interior. Much of the interior adopts the colour of the car body but the driver’s cockpit stands out in an all-black finish to reinforce the focus on the “driving experience”.

BMW Concept Z4


AlphaLuxe Comment

I’m not a BMW owner; 10 of my last 11 cars have been either SAAB or Mercedes-Benz with a Jaguar XK thrown in for good measure. Still, I appreciate the marque’s pursuit of driving excellence as evoked by its slogans: from the original ‘The Ultimate Driving Machine’, through the more recent ‘Sheer Driving Pleasure’ and ‘Designed for Driving Pleasure’.

It is difficult to imagine what design features could change between the BMW Concept Z4 and the final production vehicle. BMW has promised regular updates over the course of the coming year…..



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