Jil Sander 7 Days Shirt Collection for $6,000

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My Kingdom for a Shirt

I had a problem choosing my shirts to match my suits at work. Or I would have had trouble were it not for my cunning plan to remove any need for choice. I simply had 15 identical white shirts tailor-made. They could be worn with any suit and necktie. I had a great rotation system going with 5 shirts for the current week, 5 shirts at the cleaners and 5 shirts spare for emergencies. Fast forward to 2018 and I don’t wear suits to work anymore but the basic idea is still valid.

Jil Sander 7 Days Shirt Collection

Jil Sander is launching a line of white shirts but we can’t see one until the 22nd of March. It’s all a big tease as we are only allowed to see seven garment bags on hangers, a couple of buttons and one collar! The teasers-in-chief are Luke and Lucie Meier.

Luke and Lucie

Luke and Lucie Meier

Luke and Lucie Meier are the fashion world’s fast-rising ‘power-couple’ and newly appointed creative directors at Jil Sander, who came from Dior and Supreme. Their first collection for Spring/Summer 2018 was the ‘Resort’ debut; featuring New Romantic Androgynous silhouettes, revamped white shirts, and flirting with volume but respecting tailoring.

Jil Sander Spring/Summer 2018 Collection

Jil Sander Spring/Summer 2018

Jil Sander Spring/Summer 2018

Jil Sander Spring/Summer 2018

7 Days Shirt Collection

Jil Sander Uniglo X Lemaire 2009

The Jil Sander 7 Days Shirt Collection is based on the popular white cotton poplin shirts that Heidemarie Jiline “Jil” Sander made into “must-have” cult items. One of the best-selling pieces during the collaboration with Japanese label Uniqlo in 2009 was a shirt. As the name of the collection implies, there will be a shirt design for each day of the week.

Few details were revealed but from the shirt elements seen in the Spring/Summer 2018 Resort Collection, we get a sense of what the Meiers could re-invent, even something as simple as a white shirt.

Supima Cotton

We know that the shirts are made of premium Supima cotton, spun in Egypt. Only 1 % of the world’s cotton is the rare Supima variety, that is stronger and softer than most.

Jil Sander 7 Days Shirt Collection

The sneak preview boasts luxury details; vis a vis the mother-of-pearl buttons.

The volume and tailoring of the shirts progressively become bigger through the week until the weekend. The designs incorporate details such as traditional collars, sharp cuffs, enlarged necklines, double cuffs, and open collars, using both overlapping and detachable forms.

The 7 Days Shirt Collection is priced at $6,000 or you can purchase individual shirts costing from $850 to $1,150 each.


AlphaLuxe Comment

Since I wrote the above, more details are now available as seen in the images below.
The ladies are served first with this 7 Day Shirt Collection but I’m sure gents will not be far behind with Jill Sander MAN Collection…..

Jil Sander 7 Days Shirt Collection MONDAY

Jil Sander 7 Days Shirt Collection TUESDAY

Jil Sander 7 Days Shirt Collection WEDNESDAY

Jil Sander 7 Days Shirt Collection THURSDAY

Jil Sander 7 Days Shirt Collection FRIDAY

Jil Sander 7 Days Shirt Collection SATURDAY

Jil Sander 7 Days Shirt Collection SUNDAY



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