Not just for sale: Hublot Classic Fusion Carbon Fibre JetSmarter watch

Melvyn Teillol-Foo

JetSmarter, the world’s largest private aviation community, announced its collaboration with Hublot, to launch a limited edition watch available only to JetSmarter members. This offer is reserved ‘first-come, first-served’ for travelers who purchase 3-year Sophisticated membership from JetSmarter. Call USA +1.(866) 245-7591 to get one but hurry as Classic Fusion Carbon Fibre “JetSmarter” is limited to 25 timepieces.

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The Watch

The watch is likely to become a Hublot collectors’ item, mainly because of the niche market. You need to have a JetSmarter membership in the first place. The Hublot Classic shape is well known being a sleek 45mm diameter case in polished black ceramic. The dial features the JetSmarter logo within the subdial at 3 o’clock. The watch has a chronograph function and seems ideal to keep track of your most precious commodity — Time.

Hublot Classic Fusion Carbon Fibre JetSmarter Chronograph

“We’re excited to partner with JetSmarter to launch this unique and exclusive edition. This timepiece is so special because it reflects what Hublot is all about: style, progression and innovation,” said Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot. “Members can wear the watch with pride knowing that they possess a timepiece of considerable rarity and beauty in a sea of simply expensive watches.”

Ricardo Guadalope

“Hublot: A different way to progress”, say those who know this unique Swiss luxury watch company, where each and every moment moves forward to create the future at breathtaking speed. A dream, initiated and developed by Hublot’s Chairman Jean-Claude Biver with CEO, Ricardo Guadalupe, these two men are responsible for turning the Hublot brand into a genuine success story in which the Big Bang, Classic Fusion, Spirit of Big Bang and Manufacture Pieces represent the symbols of a constantly evolving tradition. From watch complications and revolutionary materials to world-class collaborations such as FIFA World Cup™ and Ferrari, Hublot characterizes itself through the “Art of Fusion” philosophy, bringing tradition into the future.


JetSmarter, looks to me, like an UBER for private jets. Rumour has it that early investors included rapper Jay-Z and Saudi Arabian royalty.

JetSmarter app connects members to more than 3,000 aircraft and more than 45 posted routes across three continents – the United States, Europe, and the Middle East. Launched in 2013, the app saw more than 300,000 downloads by 2014. Tiered membership costs were, until recently, either range $5,000 or $15,000.
This watch offer is tied to the highest Sophisticated tier of membership introduced at the end of 2017.

4 Ways to Go

Pay As You Go — One has to pay for every flight after choosing the default trial membership when he downloads and registers in the app.
Simple — $5,000/year membership fee that lets you take some free jets.
Smart — $15,000/year membership fee offering superior booking and routing options.
Sophisticated — $50,000/year membership fee is the top tier, currently.

“Our membership experience is unrivaled, in terms of luxury and convenience. By partnering with top brands such as Hublot, we are able to expand on that experience beyond our premier travel offerings, to provide an item that simply cannot be bought outside of our elite community. This piece of fine jewelry is rare and symbolic of the connection across our community of leaders and savvy travelers,” said Sergey Petrossov, Founder and CEO of JetSmarter.

For more information on JetSmarter or its membership program, please visit: JETSETTER.

To learn more about Hublot please visit HUBLOT WATCHES.

AlphaLuxe Comment

This watch is likely to be taken up quickly because it matches the intended demographic: affluent trendy travellers and there is already a following amongst rappers and atheletes. No price has been announced but is likely to be in the region of $18,000 – 20,000 per watch. That should be nothing for someone prepared to take out 3 years Sophisticated membership in JetSmarter ($150,000).

JetSmarter does not own or operate any aircraft. All flights are performed by FAA-licensed and DOT-registered air carriers. All members get access to regularly scheduled Jetshuttle flights, custom charters, or last-minute “JetDeals” seats for empty legs, when aircraft have to be moved to their next job.

The downside of empty legs is that they are repositioning flights before or after a revenue flight, which means if the revenue customer changes plans, your “empty leg” may be canceled.

On JetSmarter’s shuttles, the downside is frequency, or lack of it. On routes such as New York to Los Angeles, it’s twice a week. Shuttles can be sold out for weeks at a time because you are flying on somebody else’s schedule just like booking a flight on a commercial schedule.

You may find yourself in a small private jet filled with strangers like any UBER ride but for six hours.

On the other hand, JetSmarter fills a gap between flying commercially and chartering an entire private jet.


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