Ultimate Toy for Billionaires: $2 Million Kuratas Robot

Melvyn Teillol-Foo

Kuratas Robot

In our search for the most audacious technogeek big boy’s toy, a mighty powerful contender is a Japanese fighting robot that costs more than $1 million. In fact, the possibilities and price are limitless because you can upgrade the specifications to $2 million.

What do you give the billionaire who has everything else?

Well, it has to be a giant fighting robot, of course!

Kuratas Robot

The 9,000 pound (4,500 kg), 4 metre high, Kuratas robot is made by Suidobashi Heavy Industry and is a rideable mecha-warrior loaded with “weapons” that fire BB projectiles and water bottles at, presumably, other robots owned by your fellow billionaire buddies.

The eponymous robot was developed by artist Kogoro Kurata and roboticist Wataru Yoshizaki. Kurata was inspired by the mecha-robots from the anime of his childhood especially from the series: ‘Armored Trooper Votoms’.

His goal was to bring “life” to his art that emulated the ‘mecha’ from his childhood. He said, “When I was a kid, I thought there were going to be giant robots in the future. But no matter how long I waited, people were only able to make small robots, like Asimo. Eventually, I thought ‘I can’t wait anymore,’ and set out to make one myself.”

Kuratas Robot controls

Yoshizaki was recruited to create the software for the robot’s movement and pilot interface.

The robot may be controlled by one crew person, who sits inside with a user interface (UI) derived from a Kinect based device.

The Kuratas may also be remotely controlled from outside using a 3G wireless touch-screen phone as the primary interface.

Kuratas Robot pilot

Movement is facilitated by the four-wheels and thirty-joint exoskeleton. The wheels drive it at up to 10 kph.

Kuratas Robot

The ‘mecha’ can be specified with multiple “weapons” such as a 6,000 round per minute twin rotary cannon firing BB pellets, a “LOHAS” launcher which fires either water bottles or potentially fireworks, and a powered humanoid hand called the “iron crow” that can pick up objects.

Kuratas Robot

The Suidobashi website lists two other “weapons”: a “Kuratas Handgun” ($70,000) and a “Pilebunker”. A carbon shield costs $75,000 and a cockpit cup-holder is yours for $100.

Kuratas Robot

You can order your bespoked Kuratas Robot from Amazon Japan. Here are a couple of specifications and price calculations:

Option 1: $1.35 Million


Option 2: $1.9 Million


Kuratas Robot

AlphaLuxe Comment

This may well be the ultimate toy for billionaires.

Imagine putting a $2 million giant robot in your “shopping cart” and then, “check-out”.   How do you pay $2 Million on-line?

Don’t forget you cup-holder!


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