David Brown Automotive Speedback Silverstone Grand Tourer

Melvyn Teillol-Foo

Breaking News 6th March 2018

David Brown Automotive Speedback Silverstone

David Brown Automotive launched the Speedback Silverstone Limited Edition (10 cars) at Geneva International Motor Show 2018. The 1960s inspirations for the design were ‘The Jet Age’ and Classic Racing.
The Grand Tourer is powered by a Jaguar 5.0-litre V8 twin-scroll supercharged V8 engine: good for more than 600hp and 565ft lb of torque.


David Brown Automotive Speedback Silverstone

With 601 horsepower and 565ft lb of torque on tap, a 0-60mph time of 4.2 seconds and a limited top speed of 155mph are touted. It’s the most performance orientated car ever produced by David Brown Automotive. The six-speed ZF automatic transmission puts the power through the massive rear wheels for classical sports handling.

5.0L V8 Supercharged Engine

You’ll need help from the fully automated Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) system, safety technologies, performance brakes and active rear differential that makes this Silverstone Edition into a retro-inspired, driving-focused Grand Tourer for the modern age.

David Brown Automotive Speedback Silverstone front


David Brown Automotive Handmade

Each David Brown Automotive car has a handcrafted aluminium body. The Speedback Silverstone Edition is streamlined with extended side skirts, a front spoiler and enhanced rear diffuser, while larger side vents – badged with limited edition Silverstone Edition details – hint at the mighty engine within. Check out the snazzy jet-inspired exhaust tips that compound the race-tuned engine note.

David Brown Automotive Speedback Silverstone

The Silverstone Edition is fitted with unique, forged 20-inch ‘Afterburner’ bespoke alloy wheels.

Afterburner Alloy Wheels

A bespoke signature pattern grille is fitted with twin LED auxiliary driving lamps, enhancing visibility and complimenting the dark ceramic LED technical headlamps and clear lens tail lights.

David Brown Automotive Speedback Silverstone Lights


David Brown Automotive Speedback Silverstone 2-seater Cockpit

Inside the cockpit, it’s a fetish of brogued and embroidered leather with ‘Antique’ and ‘Ebony’ hides bound by contrasting tan stitching. The dashboard features jet-inspired air vents to pay homage to the aeronautical and racing past of the Silverstone Circuit.


There are only two seats adorned with a stylised Silverstone Circuit outline embroidered into the tan leather. The rear luggage storage space instead of rear seats is capacious.

Bespoke luggage

Bespoke luggage can be specified to carry all sorts of specialised gear.


Key Fob on Stitched Leather

Despite the abundance of old-school leather and wood, the car is fitted with all the modern technology like satellite navigation, Bluetooth® connectivity and a 7.1-channel Bowers & Wilkins® surround sound audio system.

David Brown Automotive (DBA)

David Brown Automotive is a British manufacturer of limited edition automobiles in Silverstone, England, belonging to British businessman David Brown. The company began in Coventry in 2013 and moved to a new 18,000 sq ft facility in Silverstone in March 2017. Despite sharing a similar background in engineering, and the same name as the previous owner of Aston Martin, there is no family connection between the two companies.

David Brown

“We have developed Speedback Silverstone Edition to appeal to a new customer; the driver who wants the very best in performance at all times, but still wants to retain usability and driveability in an exclusive model which still offers both comfort and luxury. The David Brown Automotive DNA is clear to see again, building on the success of Speedback GT and Mini Remastered models, while our inspiration from the heritage of the Silverstone Circuit shapes this new model as a classically-inspired performance Grand Tourer for the modern market.” — David Brown

Check out the Speedback Silverstone Edition online CLICK HERE

David Brown Automotive Speedback Silverstone Edition



Limited to up to 10 examples with full 3-year manufacturer’s warranty, Speedback Silverstone Edition is priced from £620,000 excluding taxes, duties and shipping.
Built to order, the car can be made in either left-hand or right-hand drive. Obviously, bespoke options pump up the final price!

AlphaLuxe Comment

At this price point, it becomes less about split second differences in acceleration times and more about being unique and eccentric with bespoke handbuilt motorcars. In the tradition of eccentric British marques like Bristol and Jensen, the DBA Speedback Silverstone offers the cachet of exclusivity and personal choice.

“The true cost of luxury is the choice that it affords.”



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