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Crystal Serenity at sea © Crystal Cruises

Crystal Serenity is a cruise ship owned by Crystal Cruises® that was launched in 2003 by Dame Julie Andrews in Southampton, UK, although built in France. The concept here is ultimate luxury for less than 1000 guests so there is more space and crew attention. The biggest is not necessarily the best…..

Crystal Serenity Waterside © Crystal Cruises

The evolution of Crystal Luxury continues in November 2018 as the 68,000-ton Crystal Serenity undergoes a multi-million-dollar refurbishment to welcome just 980 guests with more suites and penthouses, exciting new culinary options with open seating, and expanded technologies including free, unlimited Wi-Fi.

Crystal Serenity Stardust Club © Crystal Cruises

Crystal Serenity shares the international spotlight with Crystal Symphony as the world’s two most awarded luxury ships with the highest crew-to-passenger ratio. They are taking bookings for the 2020 Full World Cruise now.


Miami to Rome | January 6 to April 21, 2020 | 105 Days

World Cruise 2020 © Crystal Cruises

Embark on this epic adventure starting at Miami and across the Caribbean on your way through the Panama Canal and baby steps along Central America and Mexico to Los Angeles on Voyage I.

After the ‘fat cats’ board the ship, the Big Adventure and Voyage II really begins to the Southern Hemisphere and beyond. In the words of the brochure: “exploring fascinating lands that will captivate your curiosity, tantalize your senses, and warm your soul with sun-drenched wonders.”

World Cruise 2020 Map

The journey of discovery traverses many eponymous waters throughout the Pacific and Indian oceans, and into the Tasman, Andaman and Mediterranean seas. You pass man-made marvels and treasures of Mother Nature; from the Panama and Suez Canals to the Great Barrier Reef.

Crystal Serenity at Sunset © Crystal Cruises

The route includes Fiji, Tahiti and idyllic French Polynesian isles that you have never heard of like Nuku Hiva, Rangiroa and Moorea on the way to New Zealand. The majestic fjords of New Zealand (Dusky, Doubtful and Milford Sounds) will evoke adventurous spirits in some and quiet contemplation in others.

Crystal Serenity at Milford Sound © Crystal Cruises

The Australian stops of Sydney, Mooloolaba and Airlie Beach will encourage walkabout in the Outback before nautical meanderings through the South East Asian exotica of Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

Tropics © Crystal Cruises

Follow the route of Chinese explorer Admiral Cheng Ho (Zheng He) to the
UNESCO World Heritage sites of Sri Lanka before the cultural melting pot of India and legendary empires in Arabia. Finally, you wend through Israel, Jordan and Egypt to arrive in Italy, itself a masterpiece of art, culture and wonder. This 105-day odyssey weaves a vibrantly colored tapestry of traditions, flavours and enrichment that will leave you speechless as each destination unveils its own story.



(13 to 18 DAYS IN LENGTH)

Crystal Serenity in port © Crystal Cruises

Of course, you could join the ship on any of the seven legs starting at Miami, Los Angeles, Papeete, Auckland, Sydney, Singapore and Mumbai.


All Pigs are Created Equal

“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” – Animal Farm (1945)


Deluxe Stateroom with Large Picture Window

Deluxe Stateroom with Picture Window © Crystal Cruises

Deluxe Stateroom with Picture Window Layout © Crystal Cruises

Even the ‘lowest’ grade Deluxe Stateroom with Large Picture Window gives you 226 sq. ft. of space and a view. You get the standard maid cleaning service and bathroom amenities.


Seabreeze Penthouse Suite with Verandah

Seabreeze Penthouse suite living room © Crystal Cruises

Seabreeze Penthouse seating © Crystal Cruises

Seabreeze Penthouse bedroom © Crystal Cruises

Seabreeze Penthouse layout © Crystal Cruises

After November 2018, the refurbishment will provide Seabreeze Penthouse Suites with Verandah for 538 sq. ft. of space and the aforementioned verandah. Here you get butler services, jacuzzis and luxury bathroom amenities.


Crystal Penthouse with Verandah

Crystal Penthouse living room © Crystal Cruises

Crystal Penthouse Bedroom © Crystal Cruises

Crystal Penthouse verandah © Crystal Cruises

Crystal Penthouse layout © Crystal Cruises

The ultimate guest experiece Crystal Penthouse with Verandah is a sumptuous 1345 sq. ft. The personal butler service, luxury equipment and spa amenities are the tops.


VIDEO Crystal Serenity World Cruise 2020


AlphaLuxe Comment

Crystal Serenity Pool Pods © Crystal Cruises

If you ever thought of staying on a cruise ship permanently, spare a thought for 90-year old Lee Wachtstetter (“Mama Lee”) who lives aboard the Crystal Serenity full-time. She is the longest permanent luxury cruise ship resident. In 2018, she celebrated her 10th anniversary as a resident on the ship.

As she has visited nearly every country with a port, she almost never disembarks nowadays unless it is Miami to visit family or Istanbul for the Grand Bazaar. She does needlepoint in the day time and dances every night because Crystal Cruises® still has male dance hosts for the ladies. She left her last cruise ship after three years onboard when Holland America cancelled their dance host program. She has written her memoir entitled ‘I may be homeless, but you should see my yacht’.

‘Mama Lee’ spends about $170,000 a year to live on the ship full-time.

To put that in context, the World Cruise of about 100 days costs around $310,000 per person to book the best suite on the ship — Crystal Penthouse.


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