Hotel Review: Gurney’s Newport Resort – Goat Island

Angela Ranieri

Predictable Unpredictability

Those who reside in the Northeast of the United States know that the weather is predictably, unpredictable. In the month of June, it is not uncommon to wear a jacket, sweatshirt, pants, tank and shorts; sometimes all in one day. When choosing a resort that is within driving distance to home, it is often difficult to find one with on site amenities to cater for the unpredictability.

Goat Island Marina (photo by AR)

Personally, I find nothing more dreadful than arriving at a destination and being “rained in”; confined to 400 square feet of hotel room, frantically searching for indoor activities.


Gurney’s Newport Resort – Goat Island

Gurney’s Newport (photo by Gurney’s)

Gurney’s Newport on Rhode Island, satisfies this travel conundrum.
The property, formerly known as the ‘Hyatt Regency Newport’ on Goat Island, was purchased in 2013 by George Filopoulos, owner of Gurney’s Inn and Residences in Montauk, NY and Metrovest Equities Inc of New York City.

Filopoulos, described as a “hands on” owner at Gurney’s Montauk, oversaw the full-scale renovation that is now the nautical paradise of Gurney’s Newport. His vision in execution did not disappoint.

Eponymous Caprinae on Goat Island (photo by Gurney’s)

Driving to Goat Island in itself is an experience. We had our sunroof back, ‘shades’ on and let the scenery be our guide. Water, trees, yachts and sailboats frame the two-lane bridge where scenic Gurney’s awaits.

Gurney’s Newport (photo by AR)

It is a secluded resort, where a guest would not guess that ‘Downtown’ is less than one mile walk away. The hotel radiates a stillness, and the appearance of entering a ship.



Gurney’s Newport: Bridge at Sunset (photo by Gurney’s)

Upon valet parking and entering through glass doors, the entrance is not spectacular and not overdone. It is a perfectly designed entrance for casual beach fun in a luxurious and meticulously kept environment. Gray slate floors with clean lines, sparsely decorated desks at reception, and smiling staff, greet guests with fruit-infused ice water. A luxury in itself on one of the first 80°F days we had experienced in many months.



Lobby Nautical Chic (photo by AR)

In the lobby lounge to the right, the theme is nautical chic. Navy and cream furnishings with nautical stripes and sailboat artwork, instantly transport one to feel that she is on a boat at the dock, awaiting a sail. The sofas are plush, and inviting; almost calling out for one to “have a seat and kick back.”

Corso Coffee (photo by Gurney’s)

In front of the lobby is Corso Coffee – an excellent ‘grab and go’ concept, serving delicious sandwiches, cakes, cappuccino, espresso and delightful croissants. We noted this as sometimes we need a quick bite to take with us; I suggest you make note of it on your visit.


Regent Lounge and Firepit

Regent Lounge and Fire Pit (photo by Gurney’s)

Straight off the lobby to the outside is a deck with seating, known as ‘The Regent Lounge and Firepit’. This proved to be an enjoyable location to sip a prosecco or indulge in a Lobster Roll served traditional style, or with spicy Sri-Racha mayo for a kick. The view from that deck mimics the feel of a backyard with a variety of games set up on the field, including bean bag toss; a family fave!



Ocean-view Balcony Room (photo by Gurney’s)

Our ocean-front room was lovely and so quiet. It was meticulously and sparsely decorated. After all, what décor does one need, when the glass door opens to a gorgeous balcony with the water just below? For our short time on Goat Island, when we were not at one of the pools, this was where we spent our time.


Outdoor Pool

Outdoor Pool (photo by Gurney’s)

The pool area, home to the only outdoor hotel pool in Newport, is filled with salt water and adjacent to the lawn. This is the perfect place to enjoy the sun on the pool deck, listen to the waves and splash around. I spent most of my short visit here as we do not know what the next day weather will bring. When the sun is out, so are we….


The Pineapple Club

The Pineapple Club (photo by Gurney’s)

We enjoyed some bites of chips with fresh guacamole and some wine – both from the pool restaurant – ‘The Pineapple Club’. The menu offers a lengthy assortment of raw oysters, lobster, and jumbo shrimp, but we had just visited ’22 Bowens Wine Bar and Grille’ downtown, so it seemed something light was in order. Next visit, I plan to be at the pool while hungry so I can test the indulgences.


Scarpetta Restaurant

Scarpetta Restaurant photo by Gurney’s)

To the right of the lobby is the restaurant – ‘Scarpetta’ – serving dinner, cocktails and dessert. The décor is just what you wish for in a seaside restaurant. Light wood, heavily windowed and beautiful water views.


Spa and Fitness

From the hotel entrance, guests can proceed through a long hallway to a state-of-the-art fitness center open 24 hours everyday, housing a variety of cardiovascular equipment including treadmills, stationary bikes and elliptical machines, with a well stocked selection of free weights and weight machines.

Indoor Pool (photo by AR)

A walk through the fitness center, and one will discover an indoor pool, solving the age old question: “What happens if it rains?”
The heated indoor pool was a perfect place for us to spend our last two mornings, which brought rainy and chilly weather. My family could splash around and swim, while I could “supervise”. It was a wonderful way to spend some time, in spite of the weather.

The Spa at Gurney’s Newport (photo by Gurney’s)

The Spa on site offers a treatment menu of Nails, Hair, Body Wraps and Hot Stone massages using the properties of the five natural elements. The treatments are categorized by “Breath” (to clarify),”Waves” (to hydrate), “Coast” (to recover), “Glow” (to detox) and “Blossom” (to brighten.)



Gurney’s Newport Marina (photo by Gurney’s)

Should you find yourself in search of a hotel in Newport that is walking distance to shops, galleries and restaurants, a place that is family friendly and well thought out in design, Gurney’s Newport is the destination for you. I would recommend staying at least two nights in Gurney’s to adequately experience the property before you head home or to your next destination.

1 Goat Island
Newport, RI 02840, U.S.A.

Telephone: (401)849-2600

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