EVA Air Sits Pretty in BMW Designworks Business Class Seat

Melvyn Teillol-Foo

New BMW Designworks Business Class Seat for EVA Air Revealed


EVA Air is a Taiwanese airline with premium service to over 60 international destinations. It commissioned Designworks – a BMW Group company in Los Angeles – to allow EVA to compete with other progressive airlines by creating a new business class seat.

Who knew that BMW Designworks had a dedicated global aviation team?

It makes sense as the majority of the luxury experience for an automobile is the cabin ergonomics and seat environment, which are even more confined spaces in a car.

The other plus point is that Designworks has first-hand experience of global cultures, so their designs are likely to complement EVA’s own identity whilst strengthening their premium, unique and global positioning. The plan was to retain cues to traditional elements of the brand but not produce a ‘conventional’ seat design. They agreed to pursue a more unique and mature design, giving a differentiated experiences for its passengers.

Designworks started from the “end-to-end passenger in-cabin experience”, paying attention to user friendly features and even the meal service access to streamline stowage, whilst maximising spaces for productivity and entertainment.

EVA Air New Business Class Cabin

“At a time where consumer expectations continue to rise across their daily brand interactions, mobility industries must constantly adapt to rapidly changing customer needs”, said Design Director Johannes Lampela from Designworks’ LA Studio. “For the aviation industry this means balancing flexibility with a structured environment, providing privacy without isolation, as well as complete connectivity within a premium and relaxed setting. We recognized that EVA business class experiences needed to focus on bringing fresh and memorable interactions to its passengers, making service, design, and brand work together. Our goal was to take a proven seat platform and make it unique to EVA”, he continues.

From privacy, service, interaction, stowage, and amenities, the design team explored the holistic passenger experience.


The new seat design was showcased in Los Angeles on the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner.

EVA Air New Business Class Cabin

They thoughtfully chose a muted, warm colour palette so the cabin environment and seat evoked the mature, confident, contemporary and tailored approach of the EVA customer experience today.

I remember a different experience 20 years ago when I first flew EVA Air; how mighty they have grown from those times…..

EVA Air New Business Class Seat side

The seat design is heavily influenced by architecture and furniture design to complement the colourful accents representing EVA signature service and amenities.

EVA Air New Business Class Seat

There appears to be a seamless space that integrates functional units cleanly and giving lots of horizontal work surfaces for professional travelers demanding a productive yet relaxing environment.

EVA Air green

Tactility and textures of wool carpet, natural leather and rich custom textiles imbue the seat with luxury cues, whilst keeping it comfortable and durable. We are eager to discover what they’ve planned for the new flight attendants uniform during the meal service as the colour choice has been carefully planned and curated for a premium, “highly customised environment unique to EVA”. Will they change uniforms just for the meal service?

AlphaLuxe Comment

EVA Air touts the five star on-board service offered, coupled with design characteristics created for an international business audience, to reflect Taipei’s strong standing as a global business hub.

While that may be true, for the travelling warrior, the most important offering is still the customer service en-route that complements that truly global, premium solution for EVA and its international customer base.

We wish them well!



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