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Angela Ranieri

Last week some friends and I were commenting on how difficult (actually, I think we said “impossible”) it is to find an eye cream that can not only address signs of aging and tired eyes, but one that will revitalize the part of the face that gives away signs of lack of sleep and dehydration most easily.
The bottom line is that the skin around the eye is the thinnest on your face and does not have oil glands.  This causes the eye area to show age earlier than other areas of the face.  The thin skin also shows most stressors on the body more easily.

I do not believe that most things are impossible.  I did what any good friend does, and I marched, well I walked, straight to Saks Fifth Avenue’s flagship beauty department on 5th Avenue and got down to business. I spent hours speaking with consultants and taking off and reapplying eye products. You’re welcome.

Orveda Eye Unveiler 422™

It sounds wonderful, but it was not an easy task as I had to hear a lot of critique about the area that houses my peepers. Through the lengthy search, I found something and I love it.  The product line is Orveda and the S.K.U. name is Eye Unveiler 422 ™.

Saks Fifth Avenue Flagship Beauty Department

If you have not been to Saks on Fifth Avenue recently, I suggest you get there and take a look at the highly publicized renovation where the iconic Cosmetics Department was moved from the ground floor to the second floor.  A very bold move in the world of retail.  It is not a secret that retail has changed drastically due to the development of the Internet and popularity of online purchasing.  Retailers have had to step up their game in product assortment and placement, along with promotions and price.

Saks Fifth Avenue Cosmetics Department

The psychology of a cosmetics department on a ground floor is simple.  Cosmetics like lipstick are quick, easy purchases that make people happy.  Moving those easy purchases to the second floor where people may not elect to walk through was either ‘genius’ in vetting serious shoppers, or a disaster.  It will take some time to see the results, but it is important that I note, Saks did an impeccable job.

Saks Fifth Avenue Cosmetics Department

The Beauty Concierge desk, the lighting, the flowers and the product placements are on-point.  The facial and treatment promotions, inclusive of nail services are divine.  White furniture and bright lights are a stark contrast to the dark wood of the old Saks Fifth Avenue, and in my opinion, a welcomed change.

Saks Fifth Avenue Cosmetics Department


About Orveda

I found myself wandering and checking out new products and reacquainting myself with products of past.  I tried many and I liked most of them.  Midway through of my search I stumbled on Orveda, the brand created by Sue Y. Nabi, former CEO of L’Oreal and Lancome with Champion Boxer and Hip-Hop Producer, Nicolas Vu.

Orveda products

Orveda simply means “origin of Ayurvedic philosophy.”  The message behind the line is simple in theory though not discussed often in cosmetics; the skin, in the right environment can heal itself and using three levels, the skin can bring back the healthy luminosity of the past.

Level 1 encompasses a marine enzyme and prebiotic to help heal the skins moisture barrier, while level 2 incorporates bio-fermented Kombucha black tea to restore luminosity, thereby improving skin texture.  Level 3 will correct the visible flaws of the skin ranging from pore size to dryness to excessive shine, depending on the product in question.

The products are free of artificial colors, alcohol and sulfates.  They do not contain parabens.  They are Vegan, meaning they do not contain any animal product nor do they test on animals.
The line is not organic, nor does it strive to be.  The first order of business with the brand was to produce results for the skin in a way that is “cleaner and greener.”  As a matter of fact, Orveda chose to skip using only 100% naturally extracted ingredients, citing sustainability of natural resources as a concern.  The brand also speaks to the point that just because ingredients are organic does not mean that they are not allergenic; a point that I appreciate and agree with.

Instead, Orveda looks to science, the most modern biotechnology where 88% of the active elements come from bio-fermented origin and 92% are natural origin actives. Orveda does not use fruit acid, nor do they use retinol, instead opting to strengthen skins barriers without using what they brand cites as “irritating molecules.”

The products are available in glass bottles for product preservation, are genderless and smell of Galbanum – a rare plant with a unique smell – the scent was created by a Parisian master perfumer.

Eye Unveiler 422™

Orveda Eye Unveiler 422™

This eye treatment contains 14 actives concentrated at 30%.  Bio-identical lipids are 4%, ceramides are 2% and essential fatty acids are 2% providing the ratio of 4:2:2, providing a superficial barrier to the skin around the eye.  Kombucha black tea rejuvenates and restores tone and glow while a pre-biotic and marine enzyme help heal the delicate skin’s moisture barrier.  Peptides and Clover Flower Extract are known to condition hair, thereby helping to nourish the lashes.  Sunflower Seed Fatty Acids fight dehydration and Organic Oat Extract minimizes wrinkles and fine lines.

Orveda Eye Unveiler 422™ in use

I have been using this for three weeks: morning and evening without any serums or creams accompanying the application. I adore the feeling of this product.  It does not leave behind a residue, it does not feel sticky, and make-up glides over beautifully.

Orveda Eye Unveiler 422™ in use

The most visible change I see is the reduction of darkness under my eye.  That seems to be instantaneous upon application.  I have noticed over time, that my eye area, usually dehydrated, looks more voluminous in texture.  My “laugh lines” (aw) seem to have softened since I have been using the product.

Orveda Eye Unveiler 422™

It is $255 for 0.5 Fluid Ounces and as with many eye creams on the market, a small amount goes a long way.


Alphaluxe Verdict

The eyes have it…

I have been in the skincare world for many years and there are a few eye products that I have grown to love and rely on.  Orveda is a welcomed addition to my collection and one I highly recommend that you check out.

Definitely worth it!


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