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Angela Ranieri

St. Regis NYC Entrance (photo by St Regis NYC)

With much discussion surrounding Clive Palmer’s plan to build the Titanic II, the sequel, if you will, of the famed ship that sank in 1912, I thought it appropriate to pay a visit to Astor Court in the St Regis Hotel in New York City. The restaurant, named for John Jacob Astor IV, founder of the luxury hotel and richest, most famous passenger to die on the Titanic, is a favorite destination of mine and one that I do not visit enough.

St. Regis NYC Address (photo by ARanieri) @AlphaLuxe

With the closing of Adour Alain Ducasse in May 2013, I have not visited the St. Regis for dining, which is a lapse in my judgement since King Cole Bar and the seasonally delicious menu and atmosphere should be enough to keep me in-line and the St. Regis on my radar.

King Cole Bar at St. Regis NYC (photo by St Regis NYC)

Patron reviews are mixed. Some find the floating lobby décor the antithesis to fine dining, others claim the atmosphere is spot-on for meeting friends or colleagues. Some claim the food is lovely, while others say that it leaves much to be desired despite the seasonal fare.
I decided it was time to pay a visit.

Astor Court at St. Regis NYC (photo by St Regis NYC)


The Experience

The floating lobby did not bother me in the slightest. If you enjoy sleek, minimalist décor, you will not like the St. Regis. Massive chandeliers, gold trim, blue sky domed ceilings and marble floors with ornate designs are just some of outspoken ornaments of the hotel lobby.

Astor Court at St. Regis NYC (photo by ARanieri) @AlphaLuxe

Personally, I love it, because it transports me out of the “trendy” scene of New York and in to another time. The furniture in Astor Court has been changed since my last visit. Gray plush chairs replaced the traditional furniture style that made Astor Court feel like a parlor, in my memory. Regardless, I felt very comfortable and at home.

Lady Astor’s Tea Menu at Astor Court (photo by ARanieri) @AlphaLuxe

The food selection was impressive. I was given a Tea Menu, a Lunch Menu and a Children’s Menu. Initially I was going to have Afternoon Tea. Lady Astor’s Tea contains selections which include sandwiches of egg salad, cucumber, lobster and Scottish smoked salmon. Desserts such as chocolate mousse and Lemon Tartelette round out the experience.

Tea at Astor Court (photo by St Regis NYC)

Caroline’s Tea offers sandwiches of Smoked Salmon, Prosciutto, Marinated Shrimp and Roasted Artichoke Hearts, accompanied with fresh baked scones and desserts of New York Style Cheesecake and Pavlova.

Caroline’s Tea Menu (photo by ARanieri) @AlphaLuxe

Tea Selection is by Palais des Thes, a personal favorite.
Of course, one can expand the experience to include Veuve Clicquot, Caviar or “Tipsy Tea Cocktails.”


Lunch at Astor Court

Astor Court Lunch Menu (photo by ARanieri) @AlphaLuxe

However, my mind changed from tea to a very early dinner or very late lunch (it was 3:30) when I saw the Astor Court lunch menu.

“Fall White Truffle Selections” was really all I needed to see. Scroll down and discover “Cheese Board,” and I knew where I had to focus my stomach energy.

Oysters and Cheese Platter (photo by ARanieri) @AlphaLuxe

We decided on a dozen Kumamoto Oysters with the Cheese Board of Robiola Bosina, Manchego, Point Reyes Blue Cheese and White Truffle Honeycomb.

The boys had platters of Chicken Fingers and French Fries one accompanied by an Apple Juice and the other with a Pink Lemonade.

Pink Lemonade (photo by ARanieri) @AlphaLuxe


Chicken Fingers and French Fries (photo by ARanieri) @AlphaLuxe


Other Options

Kids options included a triple decker PB&J, Classic Grilled Cheese, Macaroni and Cheese and Mini Pizzas.

A “Healthy Option” of grilled salmon or chicken is also available but I was not going to waste my breath on that conversation.



Red Wine (photo by ARanieri) @AlphaLuxe

For the wine, we went with a Malbec 2016 from Alta Vista Estate in Mendoza, Argentina. While the selection was not my first choice to accompany Oysters, it was definitively the pairing for the Cheese Board.

It is a robustly fruity wine with some spice that paired perfectly with the Point Reyes Blue Cheese and a dab of the White Truffle Honeycomb.

Cheese Selection at Astor Court (photo by ARanieri) @AlphaLuxe

This brings me to the White Truffle Honeycomb.

Wow! If you find yourself with the opportunity to try it, please take my advice and do.


Alphaluxe Verdict


Astor Court at St. Regis NYC (photo by ARanieri) @AlphaLuxe

Back on my radar and one of my top picks.
I will be making my way back for some Holiday Cheer!


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