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Sugarfina Fantasy Gift Halloween_photo by Sugarfina

Halloween ended 2 days ago.
As my son said, “another Halloween…”
So profound.

Welcome to a new month and the start of the Holiday Season according to retailers everywhere. You probably haven’t even made a dent in that ‘Trick or Treat’ candy but suddenly are finding yourself inundated in faux snow-flakes, Santa’s, Menorahs and Holiday Music. It depends who you ask on if it is in fact, “the most wonderful time of the year.” Personally, it starts a little too early for my liking, but I really enjoy perusing the gifts, and the creative acumen in the development by the retailers to make something distinctive.

Sugarfina Boutique photo by ARanieri @AlphaLuxe

Annually, retailer Neiman Marcus partners with luxury retailers to create some spectacular “Fantasy Gifts.” And they are insanely fabulous. 2018’s partnership with Sugarfina has caught my attention, in the most epic of ways. If the Almond Joys and Snickers in your child’s Trick or Treat bag are not cutting it for you, we may have found a solution. While traveling to Italy.
Me too.


Sugarfina Candy photo by ARanieri @AlphaLuxe

Have you heard of Sugarfina?
If not, pause reading and search it online. Find a location and go.

Then continue reading.

Sugarfina Boutique photo by ARanieri @AlphaLuxe

Sugarfina Founders Rosie O’Neill and Josh Resnick had a first date in 2010 that included watching the film ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’. Inspired, by a mutual love of the candy, and over time, with each other, the duo set off to create a candy boutique targeted at grown-ups. The world of candy is saturated and the bold move, while speculative, proved to have O’Neill and Resnick smiling all the way to the candy factory.

Sugarfina Candy photo by ARanieri @AlphaLuxe

Seven years into development and entry to the retail market – the first location opened in Beverly Hills – reported that Sugarfina made $40 million in revenue.

Candy bento Boxes photo by ARanieri @AlphaLuxe

Working with candy makers, the duo invent candy based on the interests of the “grown up” demographic. Rosé gummy bears attracted a waitlist!

Green juice gummy bears were created as a nod to the health movement while chocolate bacon pretzels provided a healthy dose of “screw you” to the same movement.

Gift Chocolate Cigars_photo by ARanieri @AlphaLuxe

Corona Beer flavored gummies shaped just like small beer bottles, and Champagne confections are just a few of the powerhouse creations that have led to world-wide adoration.

Halloween Bento photo by ARanieri @AlphaLuxe

On my visit to the New York City Time Warner location, today, I was able to pick up the Halloween Bento Box; the Bento Boxes are consistent best sellers, in the shape of a coffin (some left-over Halloween inventory) along with Tequila-filled dark chocolate cordials.

Open Coffin photo by ARanieri @AlphaLuxe

I pondered over the Limoncello in white chocolate but was told the Tequila is the “best.”

Tequila Cordials photo by ARanieri @AlphaLuxe

While many of the candy products are labeled as Champagne, Rosé, or Beer, the only candy that contains alcohol are the liquor cordials: clients must be 21 years of age or older to purchase.

Bento Boxes photo by ARanieri @AlphaLuxe

On tap for the Holiday Season is an Advent Calendar exclusively for members of the ‘Rewards and Loyalty’ program, as well as a variety of Gift and Bento Box options.

But if your preference in gift giving is more grandiose…
Introducing ‘Sugarfina Custom Candy Bar + One Million Pieces of Sugarfina Candy’

Sugarfina Candy Wall™

For $325,000, the details of this gift are fabulous and include customized Sugarfina Candy flavors delivered to you for up to three years.
Where does one store all this custom candy? Included in this gift Sugarfina will install a Sugarfina Candy Wall™ at a location of your choice in the United States. This wall will be restocked once per Quarter, with the candy of your choice, if each shipment contains 3000 candy cubes per shipment. The cubes are simply what is available for purchase in the store. Sugarfina will help design and install this ‘Wall of Fabulous’ up to a cap of $70,500 before the purchaser will have to pay additional fees.

Sugarfina Vacation in Genoa, Italy

Construction can be so inconvenient and you may be wondering where to stay during the installation of the candy wall.
No worries….

Part of this gift includes the giftee and three best friends travelling to the Italian Riviera to stay at the Belmond Hotel Splendido, a five-star hotel situated beyond the windy streets of Genoa with breathtaking views of the sea, an onsite Spa and exquisite dining.

On this journey to Italy, guests will visit and tour around a Sugarfina Factory in Genoa. Here they will spend the day with the founders and participate in a working session to create custom candy flavors.
Upon your return to the United States, that Candy Wall™ will be up and ready to be invaded!


Alphaluxe Verdict

Sugarfina Fantasy Gifts: Martini Olive Almonds and White Chocolate photo by ARanieri @AlphaLuxe

I can think of no better way to show the candy fanatic in your life that you fully honor his or her love of candy and support it.

Check out or for more information.

To purchase call +1.(877) 966-4438


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