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Jo Malone Bespoke Scent body creme and perfume (photo by Angela R) @ alphaluxe

When one hears “Jo Malone”, instantaneously, one thinks “fragrance.”
At least in my world.
‘Jo Malone London’, founded in 1983 by Jo Malone, became popular in the United States, in part, thanks to Oprah Winfrey.
Seeing Jo Malone London in retail stores, is a comfort of sorts, silently communicating that one is in a luxury retailer of fine cosmetics and skincare.
While fragrance is at top of mind, the assortment includes candles, bath products and facial care, ancillary to the luxury collection of self and home care fabulousness.

Malone sold the brand in 1999 to Estee Lauder for an undisclosed, lucrative amount, and stayed on as creative director until 2006, as well as signing a ‘non-compete agrement’, where she would not produce fragrances for five years from the time of the deal.

Malone honored the agreement and the British businesswoman founded ‘Jo Loves’ in 2011, where she has stated that Jo Malone London and Jo Loves, have the same “mother” but are very different lines. One glaring difference is in the product assortment; Jo Loves is much smaller. Another is in distribution; Jo Malone is available worldwide, and Jo Loves is limited to the United States and the United Kingdom.

Like siblings there are some resemblances. They have, in common, forthcoming titles stating the fragrance content, quirky combinations, sleek packaging and an appeal that many describe as “unisex.”
Malone is author of ‘Jo Malone: My Story’, a book published by Simon & Schuster about her journey in business and personal life with recounts to her childhood and her struggles in adulthood, including her triumph over breast cancer.
Her meteoric rise in the fragrance world is attributed to her resilience and focus.
We can learn a lot from Jo Malone.

The fragrance industry is subjective at best. One person’s finest fragrance can be another person’s disaster. I am sure that most of us can recall a gorgeous perfume when sprayed in the air or on a friend, only to be disappointed with the performance of that same fragrance on another person or on ourselves.
Adding to that complexity is that a “clean” scent to me, may be very different from what a “clean” scent is to you. Our word choices to describe what we are seeking will vary considerably, making the search for the right scent an ongoing challenge.

To simplify that complexity, Jo Malone London now offers one very different option from Jo Loves; the opportunity to design a fragrance individual to you, or rather your own, “Bespoke Scent.” Tailoring your custom scent is about the easiest, and non-committal way to create your signature trademark, and more importantly, it’s fun.


Jo Malone Bespoke Scent

Here is how it works. If you know your scents, you can create from the comforts of your own home simply by visiting

Jo Malone Bespoke Scent range (photo by Angela R) @ alphaluxe

Step1: Start by selecting your favorite fragrance. Options are simply categorized on a scale reading left to right, where Citrus is most “Fresh”, and “Woody” is most warm.

Six categories are listed as follows:
Citrus – Lime Basil, Mandarin, Grapefruit, Earl Grey & Cucumber
Fruity – Pomegranate Noir, English Pear and Freesia, Blackberry & Bay, Nectarine Blossom & Honey
Light Floral – Wild Bluebell and Red Roses
Floral – Orange Blossom, Peony & Blush Suede, Mimosa & Cardamom
Spicy – Amber & Lavender
Woody – Wood Sage & Sea Salt, 154 (named for the street number of Malone’s first boutique – a combination of mandarin, grapefruit, lavender, nutmeg, basil and vetiver) and Black Cedarwood & Juniper

Once you have chosen your scent, simply scroll to “Step 2: Choose your Combination” and select “Fresher” or “Warmer.” This will allow options of a potential combined fragrance to be added to your original scent of choice.

Voila! You have your own unique scent.

Each cologne is $136 per 100 mL bottle.

Jo Malone Bespoke Scent (photo by Angela R) @ alphaluxe


My Choice

Personally, I chose Orange Blossom from the “Floral” category and opted to make the scent “Fresher.” I was offered “White Jasmine & Mint” which I adore.
But not every person ‘nose’ (hahaha see what I did there?) knows, what scent they love without some serious testing.

You can forego the at-home, do-it-yourself and visit a Jo Malone boutique (Find the nearest to you via their site) and book “The Scent for You.” A fifteen-minute experience, where an Expert Stylist will assist you with the discovery of what scent suits you best.

Jo Malone Beauty (photo by Angela R) @ alphaluxe

Did you know that you can also book a “Specialist Skincare” experience, where you will discover Jo Malone antioxidant Vitamin E skin products? You may also want to book a “Scent your Home”, where you are assisted in discovering the perfect scents for you at home occasions and moods.

Jo Malone Home (photo by Angela R) @ alphaluxe

Bride or Groom to be? “Scent your Wedding” is the perfect opportunity to select the scents and gifts you want to make your special day appealing to all the senses.

AlphaLuxe Comment

Even I, a seasoned fragrance buff, see the benefit of going in-store and sitting with a specialist to discover what is most enticing to you.
Make sure to visit your nearest Jo Malone London today and discover what the scent you never knew you needed and now can not live without.


[Chief Editor’s Note: By 2024, the global fragrance market is estimated to be worth about USD 92 billion and 28% of annual perfume sales happens in December.]

Author’s Biography
Angela Ranieri joins us as Contributing Writer with an extensive background in Fashion, Beauty and Digital Media. Her credits include Sales and Marketing for with PRADA USA Corp., followed by a jump in to the world of beauty as an Esthetician followed by Spa Manager at Jurlique, Spa Manager and Client Relationship Manager and Digital Business Development coordinator position at Amore Pacific where celebrity clients were and remain confidential and her column, “Ask Angela,” was featured on the Amore Pacific USA website. She has also been a contributor for Beauty to Shape and Fitness Magazines.

A side job as a Hospital Victim on “As the World Turns,” and a correspondent on the now defunct lifestyle web series “Tangerine Living,” Angela is no stranger to juggling multiple positions and has built quite the resume. A move to The New York Daily News as Training and Employee Relations Manager with a night and weekend gig as make up artist for runway shows, (she studies in Los Angeles with Amy Ward) including Vogue Bambino and multiple commercials, Angela became a Mom, her best and most important credit to date.

Since Motherhood, Angela has been a Brand Ambassador for the skin line Patchology, featured in Saks Fifth Avenue in store and on air with CBS News segment “Patch me Pretty.” She has been a beauty guest for QVC, and the founder of her own social media communications business, helping business owners to share their digital voice. Actively involved with Smart Children with Learning Differences, her most favorite down time hobby is discovering the best in beauty, travel and fashion around the United States.

Angela is a graduate of Syracuse University with a BS in Communications and Writing, where she appeared on the University Union News as an Anchor and on The Beat of Syracuse, Z89 as a DJ. Angela has an MBA in Marketing and Entrepreneurship from Northeastern University. While at Northeastern, her Market Research on the Electric Car was published for University use.

Working with Alphaluxe is a unique opportunity, “to share what I am most passionate about. Living your best life. In her spare time, you can find Angela running, practicing yoga, taking her son to one of his sports practices. She resides on the Upper West Side of Manhattan with her husband, son, and chihuahuas.

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