Chopard for Chinese New Year 2019

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Four Legs means Good

Chopard for Chinese New Year of the Pig 2019

Chinese New Year (Spring Festival) falls on 5th February 2019. We should really call it Lunar New Year because Koreans, Japanese and other East Asians celebrate it too.  It is the Year of the Pig in the 12-year zodiac cycle that heralds expectations of successful exertions, as well as festivities.


Red is Good and Chopard is about Happy

Red being a lucky colour for the New Year, Chopard has suitable delights to entice before the Chinese shut down for at least 5 days. Actually, since the festivities last for two weeks, you can still present gifts from Day 5 until the full moon!

Happy Shoulder Bag (Cerise) ref.95000-0807 $3,170

Chopard Happy Shoulder Bag (Cerise)ref.95000-0807 (photo by Chopard)

Let’s start small with a shoulder bag made from a delightful smooth leather patchwork in cherry, pink and red colours. Glowing at its centre is the collection’s precious signature clasp housing five dancing pink opal cabochons. Chopard selected only the finest materials in designing these leather accessories. Made in Italy by artisans exercising time-honoured skills, all Chopard bags and other leather goods are exclusively crafted from full-grain leather taken from the noblest and highest-quality part of the hide…not pigskin for this year, obviously.


Chinese Knot Earrings ref.848043-9001 $490,000 estimated

Chopard Chinese Knot Earrings ref.848043-9001 (photo by Chopard)

Set with ruby beads – a good luck charm for prosperity, love and happiness. What more can you say? It’s red and has chinese knots for luck…BOOM!


Red Carpet Unique Collier ref.818043-9001 $1.1 Million estimated

Chopard Red Carpet Unique Collier ref.818043-9001 (photo by Chopard)

More red and with Chinese knots is this “little” collar necklace to match the earrings.


Red Carpet Unique Ring ref.820989-1006 $6.5 Million estimated

Chopard Red Carpet Unique Ring ref.820989-1006 (photo by Chopard)

“It don’t mean a thing until I see the ring!”

Who would have thought that you could be distracted from substantial diamonds but this even more substantial ruby will do it.


Red Carpet Unique Necklace ref.818010-9001 Price: If you have to ask…?

Chopard Red Carpet Unique Necklace ref.818010-9001 (photo by Chopard)

Even our experts at AlphaLuxe couldn’t venture a guesstimate for this cascade of shiny stones.

We can but stare in astounded awe…..



Men Love Porkers and Classic Racing Thrills

Chopard at Mille Miglia 2018 Race_Christine, Karl, Caroline-Marie Scheufele, Jacky Ickx, Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, Porsche 550 Spyder A1500 RS (photo by Alexandra Pauli)

Alright, I know it’s a subtle play on words; ‘Porker’ being the nickname for Porsche, which Chopard partners with in motorsports. Steered by the enthusiasm of Chopard co-president Karl-Friedrich Scheufele for both exceptional cars and high-precision horology, Chopard has developed several timepieces on the Classic Racing theme, based on prestigious partnerships with legendary races.

Classic Racing Bangle ref.95016-0232 $418

Chopard Classic Racing Bangle ref.95016-0232 (photo by Chopard)

To complement this environment, the latest additions to the accessory line developed by Chopard include a men’s steel and black rubber bangle, inspired by Dunlop tyres and also featured on the legendary watch strap of the legendary Mille Miglia Classic Chronograph.

Classic Racing Cufflinks ref.95014-0066 $530

Chopard Classic Racing Cufflinks ref.95014-0066 (photo by Chopard)

Joining the Classic Racing line is a pair of cuff links, also made of steel adorned with thread-patterned black rubber, for that sporting touch to a shirt sleeve.

Classic Racing Table Clock ref.95020-0113 $2,670

Chopard Classic Racing Table Clock ref.95020-0113 (photo by Chopard)

Next but with a Caveat, a table clock incorporating thermometer and hygrometer functions alongside the hours and minutes display to elevate your desk into dashboard. Made of brass with a palladium and black leather finish, its purist design is evoked by three deep black dials.

There is only one hitch if you are fervently superstitious: you can’t present clocks for Chinese New Year so wait until after the 15-day festivities are over. Something to do with bad luck of counting down your hours…Hey! Don’t mess with the Pig!

It’s all about the Pig

L.U.C XP Urushi Year of the Pig ref.161902-5068 dial (Photo by Chopard)

The ultimate gift BEFORE or AFTER the 15-day Chinese New Year festivities is this L.U.C XP Urushi Year of the Pig ref.161902-5068 $26,500
Read more about how it’s made with Japanse urushi lacquer techniques on AlphaLuxe HERE.


AlphaLuxe Comment

As millions of our friends desperately race back to ancestral homes for the “Reunion Dinner” on New Year’s Eve, AlphaLuxe wishes all of you a Healthy, Happy and Prosperous New Year!


Author’s Biography: Melvyn Teillol-Foo (MTF)

Dr Melvyn Teillol-Foo is a contributor on AlphaLuxe web magazine. He was former CEO of horology discussion fora. He blends his scientific medical objectivity from the pharmaceutical industry with purist passion, in his musings about watches, travel, wine, food and other epicurean delights.
His travelogue ‘Lazing’ and feasting ‘Grazing’ series of articles have now passed into “mythic legend” on the original ‘’ website. Those were the halcyon days when he was “rich and famous” that he remembers with bittersweet fondness.

Dr Teillol-Foo is a quoted enthusiast on the watch industry, appearing in feature articles and interviews by Wall Street Journal, International Herald Tribune, Sunday Times (London), Chronos (Japan), Citizen Hedonist (France) and other publications. He has authored articles for magazines like International Watch (iW) – both U.S. & Chinese editions, ICON (Singapore), August Man (Singapore), Comfort (China) and The Watch (Hong Kong).

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