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Angela Ranieri

Finding a colorist in New York City is easy.

Finding a superb colorist in New York City is the equivalent of discovering Poudretteite.

Poudretteite gemstone

[Editor’s Note: Poudretteite is an extremely rare mineral and gemstone that was first discovered as minute crystals in Mont St. Hilaire, Quebec, Canada, during the 1960s. In 2000, the first documented gem-quality specimen of poudretteite was discovered in Mogok, Myanmar (Burma)Reference Smithsonian Institute]

Class Hair Studio

Class Hair Studio mood lighting

Until now I did not know a hair studio that did every service to perfection would even exist.  It seemed to be an impossible dream. I discovered Class Hair Studio, my rare gem, when I found myself in a hair emergency. Yes, there is such a thing.

My level 8 blonde was receiving its regular touch up and was accidentally turned brown with green and red tones.
No other word can describe it but “lousy,” or in my husband’s helpful words, “If I were you I wouldn’t walk around like that.”
No kidding.

I was now faced with finding a new colorist to fix this disaster.
When your hair is put through bleach and color trauma as mine clearly had been, the hair is in a weak state. “Weak” meaning it could break or fall out.
This is the time when you need a professional who understands not just color theory but also the science of hair.

Class Hair Studio Hair Color (photo by Class Hair Studio)

In this over processed state, the cuticle (the outermost layer of the hair) is fragile and porous. As a result, color or any product for that matter, will be absorbed more freely, making correcting a mistake a first rate opportunity for breakage. The cortex, (inside layer of the hair, which gives hair strength moisture and texture) is compromised and cannot do its job to shelter the hair adequately.

Class Hair Studio Coloring (photo by Class Hair Studio)

Greenish brown hair is not an option, because science aside, it was grisly.
I knew a new salon had opened on the Upper West Side, one week prior to this incident. I knew the owner rather well. Alma Dremi Pacrami had never done my hair but we run in the same beauty circles and I knew she had talent.


I sent her a desperate message on Facebook at 3am Friday morning:
“I need help. I am so upset. My hair is messed up really badly. I need highlights ASAP. Can you see me?”

Around 6:30 the same morning I received a text: “Sure…come in at 10. No worries I will do my best and fix it. Do not worry. I will fix it.”

I felt slightly better.
I counted the hours down, rescheduled my day and tried to relax.
The rational side of my brain would like to add the following disclaimer:
I know this is not a “real” problem.
The irrational greater percentage of my brain was in complete crisis.

At 9:30 Alma told me she was at the salon, I was there by 9:40.
I did not need to explain what happened. I was modeling the situation against my will.

Keep Calm and Carry On

Just as a doctor would in an ER situation, Alma remained calm yet firm.
“We need to do a full head of highlights. We have to use Olaplex (a bond-protecting multi-step treatment done in salon with at home care product that I already own, because that’s me and I own these things.)
We will tone, glaze and masque. I do not want to scare you, but we need to be careful.”
I nodded. I understood the risks and gave my consent.
Surprisingly I was calm. I knew I was in good hands.

Class Hair Studio NYC

At that point I looked around the newly renovated space and was floored with the details. The space which once occupied the handbag boutique Verve, followed by a few clothing retailers that occupied the space for too brief a time to become neighborhood staples, and was now transformed to a bright, white, airy salon.

The floors are white marble, the desk white with red roses and a crystal candy dish. The salon stations are off-white favoring grey with white marble countertops against pale grey walls. In wall lighting is flattering and workable. A state-of-the-art dryer occupies a back corner and two sink stations with black leather chairs are placed strategically and practically in front of a color bar where products are visibly organized to perfection. Products include Moroccan Oil and Milbon. Inside signage in metal adorns the walls against white track lighting.

Class Hair Studio chandelier (photo by Angela R) @alphaluxe

A massive crystal chandelier, purchased in Westchester, hangs in the center of the salon and is an excellent space to day dream in, while clients unwind with a shampoo and conditioning treatment.

A set of back stairs leads to the upstairs level which houses a coffee and lunch area where clients are invited to relax any time they are passing by or during a service. The space is well organized and thought out to perfection prompting me to ask who did this renovation?
It was Alma’s husband, a contractor.
And it is fabulous.

Class Hair Studio space (photo by Angela R) @alphaluxe

While I was receiving my correction, I spent longer than an average visit because we were correcting a crisis. In this time I was able to interact with the other stylists and observe the interaction they had with their clients.
On this rainy day in New York City, a steady flow of clients walk in and by appointment, were accommodated. Keratin treatments, cuts, blowouts, and color were all lovingly entertained. The stylists had an excellent rapport with each other and with their patrons.

Class Hair Studio Cut (photo by Class Hair Studio)

The room buzzed with excited questions about this new business and I felt reinvigorated. The energy was contagious.
I have been to most hair salons from Soho, to Midtown to Uptown in New York City.

Class Studio slaughters them all.


Top Line

Class Hair Studio Finish (photo by Class Hair Studio)

The final “test,” if you will, was the situation happening on my head.
Alma finished my blow dry and I almost cried.

Before and After (photo by Angela R) @alphaluxe

My hair is the best it has ever been. The color is the most flattering it has ever been. The compliments came pouring in all afternoon. My husband came home and said, “You have to only go back there.”
Sage advice to me, and I am passing along to you.

When you find yourself in New York City, and I know you will, take the trip to the Upper West Side and visit this salon. It is well worth the visit.

Class Hair Studio NYC

282 Columbus Avenue, Manhattan, New York, New York 10023, United States

Telephone: (212) 362-1900 and (212) 362-8888


Monday – Friday: 10am – 8pm

Saturday & Sunday 10am-7pm

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