Customise Your Own Garrick S2 Central Seconds

Melvyn Teillol-Foo

Oh, so British!

Customise Your Own Garrick S2 Central Seconds (photo by Garrick)

The British watch brand, Garrick, just revealed its latest creation – S2 Central Seconds – pairing a new movement (Calibre UT-G03) with a high quotient of hand craftsmanship. All the good British horological motifs are there – engine turned dial, applied chapter ring and faceted lancine hands – all crafted in-house. This is the first Garrick watch with a central sweep seconds display. All previous Garrick movements had a small seconds subdial but for the first time, with the new Calibre UT-GO3 movement, this new model features a central sweep seconds; hence the monicker: Garrick S2 Central Seconds.


“The true cost of luxury is the choice that it affords.”
To this end, Garrick offers prospective clients the opportunity to specify a preferred dial colour and choose from a selection of dial patterns, hands and mainplate decorations.

Price £11,500 excluding taxes (outside the EU) and £13,800 including taxes (inside the EU).

Stainless Steel

This watch is held in a 42mm 904L stainless steel case, made at the company’s Norwich workshop. 904L steel has superior resistance to localised attack (pitting corrosion) and greater resistance against acids.
Its low carbon content makes it resistant to intergranular corrosion during welding. Like Rolex, Garrick chose 904L steel because it takes a higher polish than other grades of steel and provides greater corrosion resistance. Garrick has the finishing machine and expertise to impart a brilliant gleam.

Garrick also offer an 18-carat gold case option for clients who choose an even higher grade of luxury.

Please note that the following wrist shots are of prototypes so the final production watches are of much higher quality.

Prototype Garrick S2 Central Seconds gold coloured dial (photo by Garrick)

The engine-turned (guilloché) dial is an exemplar of handcraftsmanship and is available either in rhodium or gold plate finishes. The rhodium dial is treated thrice to achieve an attractive shade of dark grey. A chapter ring, framing the centrally positioned, engine-turned motif, sits on a higher level and is decorated with a circular grained pattern.

The hours are marked by heat-blued Roman numerals, while a chemin-de-fer enhances the reading of minutes and seconds. It takes around five days to build and finish the dial of the Garrick S2 Central Seconds.
The in-house made lancine hands have faceted edges to enhance readability. Clients can choose from polished, brushed or heat-blued steel hands.

Prototype Garrick S2 Central Seconds rhodium coloured dial (photo by Garrick)

Like the popular Garrick Portsmouth model, the new dial features a large aperture at 6 o’clock to view the balance wheel oscillations. The mainplate can specified in frosted gold plate or rhodium plate with perlage decoration.

Garrick S2 Central Seconds UT-G03 gold plated calibre (photo by Garrick)

The Calibre UT-GO3 can be seen through the exhibition caseback. The rim of the balance wheel is made of a patented anti-magnetic alloy called Sircumet®. The rate of the movement is adjusted via timing screws on the balance. These screws are set inboard, reducing air turbulence, to aid precision timing.

Garrick S2 Central Seconds UT-G03 rhodium plated calibre (photo by Garrick)


AlphaLuxe Comment

Reflections on the Garrick S2 Central Seconds Prototype (photo by Garrick)

The S2 Central Seconds affords you a choice of Garrick ownership and confers a degree of exclusivity seldom found with mass produced watches. For the price of a brace of common-or-Garden steel Rolex watches, you too could wear a handcrafted British timepiece of the highest order.

Why would you choose otherwise?

Order your personalised Garrick S2 Central Seconds watch at

Tell David Brailsford that we sent you for your “special treatment”.


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