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We are all New Yorkers…

If you live in New York, or know someone who does, you know that it can be tough to be a Mets Fan. I’ve attended Mets Home Games since I was 4 years old. Fun fact, when I was a little girl, I was at Shea Stadium for the 1986 World Series where the late Bill Buckner, Red Sox First Baseman, mishandled the ground ball and credited in history with the reason for the Sox loss. I was 7 years old and I remember it very well. I would also like to add that he was not responsible, and I am not debating it.

Now, just shy of 40 years old, I take my son to CitiField – a much cleaner (Shea smelled horribly bad) and infinitely updated location – to watch our home team. We have spent many an afternoon watching from the Porsche Club..
Yet somehow, we cannot help but be lured from Queens to The Bronx.

Yankee Stadium Shop (photo by Angela R)

Yes, we do attend the other, and to some, the only New York Team: the Yankees.
We rationalize this betrayal, as guilty people do, by telling ourselves that “we are New Yorkers, so all New York Teams are beloved to us.”
What can I say? #sorrynotsorry

Yankee Stadium By The Numbers (photo by Angela R)

Yankee Stadium Private Tour

Yankee Stadium Field of Dreams (photo by Angela R)

At a recent charity auction, we bid on a tour of Yankee Stadium and won. We really looked forward to attending with my son and his friend. We were promised many things, some of which occurred and some that did not. But that happens with these type of things.

The tour was interesting and, in some ways, far exceeded my expectations. Paraphernalia of this franchise is steeped in history and stories are told with such pride, that you can not help becoming emotionally invested in the team.
It was fun to have the stadium to ourselves before it opened to the masses.
The boys had a spectacular time watching the players warm up and being able to catch fly balls with their own Yankees gloves.

Yankee Stadium Little Fans (photo by Angela R)

It was an honor meeting and getting autographs from the legendary Mickey “Mick the Quick” Rivers (#17) who began his professional baseball career with the Angels in 1970, playing center field and third base. Rivers joined the Yankees in the 1975-76 off season where he placed third as Most Valuable Player. He was a team member when the Yankees won the World Series in both 1977 and 1978; both wins against the LA Dodgers. 1984 marked Rivers’s final major league game and Bill James ranked Mickey Rivers as the 59th greatest center fielder of all time.


Monument Park

Yankee Stadium Monument Park (photo by Angela R)

A walk through Monument Park, accessible to ticket holders during the game, features monuments and plaques of notable Yankee Players including Jackie Robinson (#42) and Henry Louis “Lou” Gehrig (#4).

Yankee Stadium Memorials (photo by Angela R)

Monument Park was part of the original Yankee Stadium, home of the franchise since 1923. The process of the move to the new stadium began in November 2008. Monuments were put in place in February 2009 in time for the franchise’s first season in its new and much updated ballpark. Mariano Rivera requested that the Yankees bullpen be repositioned adjacent and accessible to Monument Park. This is where Monument Park is established today.


Sports Museum

Yankee Stadium Gate 6 (photo by Angela R)

The sports museum located at Yankee Stadium at Gate 6 and sponsored by Bank of America holds so much Yankee history that even this “Mets Fan, Yankees Fan and Lover of All New York Teams,” was impressed.

The World Series rings from 27 World Series Championships among the franchise are displayed proudly. Mickey Mantle’s #7 Jersey is displayed in good company beside Roger Maris (#9) and Babe Ruth (#3).

Yankee Stadium Memorabilia (photo by Angela R)

Visitors can view the locker of the late Thurman Munson (#15) who passed at age 32 in an aircraft accident, which sat unoccupied in the previous stadium’s Yankee clubhouse in honor of Munson. Next to Munson’s locker, visitors can view a model of the current players lockers.

Yankee Stadium Thurman Munson’s Locker (photo by Angela R)

The most exceptional piece for me is a tribute to Don Larsen’s (#18) perfect game in the 1956 World Series. A commemorative home plate sits in the floor with statues of Larsen pitching to Yogi Berra (#8).

Yankee Stadium Pitcher(photo by Angela R)

Between statues you will find the Ball Wall housing 870 baseballs autographed by Yankees players, coaches, managers and broadcasters. Balls signed by George M. Steinbrenner III, Lou Gehrig, Rick Down and AJ Burnett (#34) are displayed proudly.

Yankee Stadium Museum Ball Wall (photo by Angela R)

The evolution of the New Era baseball cap is told…

Yankee Stadium New Era Cap (photo by Angela R)


Final Innings

While I am still not considered a “die hard” fan, I was definitely impressed with the heart and soul that lives in this 10-year old stadium. Should you get the opportunity, or find yourself in The Bronx, pay a visit.


Author’s Biography
Angela Ranieri joins us as Contributing Writer with an extensive background in Fashion, Beauty and Digital Media. Her credits include Sales and Marketing for with PRADA USA Corp., followed by a jump in to the world of beauty as an Esthetician followed by Spa Manager at Jurlique, Spa Manager and Client Relationship Manager and Digital Business Development coordinator position at Amore Pacific where celebrity clients were and remain confidential and her column, “Ask Angela,” was featured on the Amore Pacific USA website.  She has also been a contributor for Beauty to Shape and Fitness Magazines.

A side job as a Hospital Victim on “As the World Turns,” and a correspondent on the now defunct lifestyle web series “Tangerine Living,” Angela is no stranger to juggling multiple positions and has built quite the resume. A move to The New York Daily News as Training and Employee Relations Manager with a night and weekend gig as make up artist for runway shows, (she studies in Los Angeles with Amy Ward) including Vogue Bambino and multiple commercials, Angela became a Mom, her best and most important credit to date.

Since Motherhood, Angela has been a Brand Ambassador for the skin line Patchology, featured in Saks Fifth Avenue in store and on air with CBS News segment “Patch me Pretty.”  She has been a beauty guest for QVC, and the founder of her own social media communications business, helping business owners to share their digital voice. Actively involved with Smart Children with Learning Differences, her most favorite down time hobby is discovering the best in beauty, travel and fashion around the United States.

Angela is a graduate of Syracuse University with a BS in Communications and Writing, where she appeared on the University Union News as an Anchor and on The Beat of Syracuse, Z89 as a DJ. Angela has an MBA in Marketing and Entrepreneurship from Northeastern University. While at Northeastern, her Market Research on the Electric Car was published for University use.

Working with AlphaLuxe is a unique opportunity, “to share what I am most passionate about.  Living your best life. In her spare time, you can find Angela running, practicing yoga, taking her son to one of his sports practices. She resides on the Upper West Side of Manhattan with her husband, son, and chihuahuas.

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