Hotel Review: Beverly Wilshire Beverly Hills – A Four Seasons Hotel

Angela Ranieri

“Well the first thing you know old Jed’s a millionaire,
Kinfolk said Jed move away from there,
Said Californy is the place you ought to be,
So they loaded up the truck and moved to Beverly.
Hills, that is.
Swimming pools, movie stars.” 

– The Ballad of Jed Clampett (1962) Flatt & Scruggs

I recently found myself with 23 hours in Beverly Hills, California. I love California. No other place is it more apparent that I am a New Yorker than when I visit California. My neuroses and uptight nature become so magnified that I actually amuse myself. Yet, the vanity driven part of me lives for Beverly Hills and Los Angeles. New York is called “The Beauty Capitol of the US,” but the hands-on talent in the beauty industry is incredible in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills. Physical appearance is so important in casting and more a part of the lifestyle than in New York. I love to visit and check out the talent and that is what continuously draws me to the city. While I have stayed at The Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills, I had not stayed at the Beverly Wilshire Beverly Hills, A Four Seasons Hotel and I was just about thrilled to finally have the opportunity.

Beverly Wilshire Hotel

Beverly Wilshire Hotel Facade (photo by Beverly Wilshire)

This Four Seasons Property located at the intersection of Wilshire and Rodeo was constructed by real estate developer Walter G. McCarty and completed in 1928 when Beverly Hills had less than 18,000 residents; it was known as the “Beverly Wilshire Apartment Hotel”. Renamed the Beverly Wilshire Hotel by new owners, it was renovated with a ballroom, Olympic-size pool and tennis court in the 1940s to accommodate big bands, and more demand for luxury amenities. The hotel changed hands again in 1958, and 1961 where it was named ‘Hernando Courtright’s Beverly Wilshire Hotel’ (the investment group was headed by Hernando Courtright). Courtright added a tower in 1971, doubling the size of the hotel. In 1985, Regent International Hotels purchased the 395 room hotel for $125 million, invested $100 million and renamed it The Regent Beverly Wilshire. Remember ‘Reg, Bev, Wil’ written on a pizza box by Kit in the movie ‘Pretty Woman’?

In 1992, The Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts bought Regent International Hotels and the property became The Regent Beverly Wilshire, a Four Seasons Hotel, which was sold in 1995, to Hong Kong-based private equity firm Joint Treasure International and in 2006, the hotel was renamed again to Beverly Wilshire Beverly Hills, A Four Seasons Hotel. After all of that, it is most commonly known as The Beverly Wilshire.

Beverly Wilshire Hotel building (photo by Angela R)

While the name was being changed frequently, the hotel guests were royalty. Elvis Presley lived there for a few years. John Lennon sought housing there during a separation from Yoko Ono. Hollywood big wigs like Farrah Fawcett, Michael Douglas, Bette Midler and Dustin Hoffman are just some of the notable guests. Yes, this hotel was the setting for the movie ‘Pretty Woman’, although many scenes were shot in the Ambassador Hotel (no longer in business). My husband kept bringing that up, but I only had 23 hours so I did not ask what he was implying.

The Stay

Beverly Wilshire Hotel Rodeo Drive Day and Night (photo by Angela R)

What can I say? I woke up and I looked out the window at Tiffany’s. How can that be bad? The problem of driving place-to-place is solved because stepping outside leaves you a stones throw from restaurants and shops. Not a single thing about this is problematic.

Review Beverly Wilshire Hotel bathroom (photo by Angela R)

As expected, the room, bed and amenities were top notch.

Review Beverly Wilshire Hotel bed (photo by Angela R)


Review Beverly Wilshire Hotel room (photo by Angela R)


Location Location Location

The unique selling point of the Beverly Wilshire Hotel is its proximity to Rodeo Drive, shops, salons and fine dining.

Rodeo Drive (photo by Angela R)

The first thing I did when I arrived was walk to Lisa Vanderpump’s Villa Blanca Restaurant to check out her new renovation and have a glass of wine.


Pawsdeluxe clothes (photo by Angela R)

Next, I went to Pawsdeluxe at the Cristophe Salon to get my precious Bella some fierce clothes because I was having serious “Dog Mom Guilt” leaving her at home. While I was at Cristophe Salon, I had my make up done, because I read that Veronika, with a “k” is amazing at make up and eyebrows, and she is!


Yojisan Sushi (photo by yojisan sushi)

A family stop at Yojisan Sushi on North Beverly Hills Drive reinforced that my second reason I love Los Angeles is the sushi. Crispy tender octopus, softshell crab and tuna with jalapeno were all just what we needed to refuel.


In-House Salon and Nail Spa

Beverly Wilshire Hotel Lea Journo The Salon (photo by Angela R)

Back at my hotel I had to get a blow out at celebrity-frequented Lea Journo Salon, Natalie Portman is a client. Priscilla did my hair and if I could have taken her back to New York with me I would have. Impeccable blowout and yes, there is a big difference between a “good” blowout and an “impeccable” one.

Beverly Wilshire Hotel Nail Bar (photo by Beverly Wilshire)


In-House Dining

The Blvd Restaurant Lounge and Bar (photo by Angela R)

While salon hopping and good sushi are my absolute thrills, a quick change and a visit to The Blvd Restaurant and Lounge on site was such a pleasure. Bustling with California cool energy, I was in my element of self-care and wine, and while I am sure living there is not a daily vacation, a quick visit did this body good.

Beverly Wilshire Hotel The Blvd Restaurant and Lounge (photo by Angela R)


Wishful Thinking

I should have had another two full days to visit CUT by Wolfgang Puck, and spend some time at the pool, but that is what the next visit is for….


Booking and Additional Information

To schedule your next Beverly Hills immersion, visit
The Beverly Wilshire, Beverly Hills
9500 Wilshire Blvd.
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

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