AlphaLuxe Drives 2019 Mercedes-AMG E63 S Estate Wagon

Michael Gallardo

800hp Mercedes-AMG E63 S Estate Wagon

Imagine yourself, a car-loving individual, having everything you have ever wanted in one car.  No compromises, just perfection in the form of an automobile.  This might be hard to imagine, right?  Many cars claim to have this capability and I often hear journalists back this.  They say things like, “This car has two personalities” or “There is nothing this car can’t do.”  Would you believe me if I told you that unless they are talking about a Mercedes-AMG wagon, they’re probably wrong?  No, I don’t mean one of those overplayed Calabasas box trucks.  I’m talking about a proper wagon.

Sebastian’s Mercedes E63 AMG S Estate Wagon (Photo by: Daniel Gallardo)

The 2019 Mercedes-AMG E63 S Estate is the ultimate form of the proper Benz wagon.  In fact, it might be the most ultimate Mercedes that is in production today, period.  It’s definitely the most rare of all of the current AMG cars including the AMG GT-R.  At 120 units per year, with 40 of them being allocated to North America, we are talking about a real unicorn here!  That just isn’t good enough for some people though.  Sebastian, the owner of this fine automobile, was kind enough to share his car with us and also show us the modifications he’s done to the car.  Oh yeah, that’s right, he modified this badass unicorn!

The Mercedes-AMG E63 S Estate Wagon resting at the top of the canyons. (Photo by: Daniel Gallardo)

Sebastian brought the car to Benzworks to have catted downpipes, intakes, and a stage 2 tune installed, which brings the car up to 780 crank horsepower.  Yes, you read that correctly.  This all-wheel-drive, 9-speed transmission, twin-turbo V8 luxury station wagon makes 780 ponies.

The car doesn’t have a “copy and paste” tune like most modern tuned AMGs.  It was custom tuned and refined to improve throttle response and act as it should in the different modes.  Hear the exhaust in the below fly-by video.

VIDEO: AlphaLuxe Drives Mercedes-AMG E63S Estate fly-by (0m 26s)

Mercedes-AMG E63 S Estate Wagon exhaust tip (Photo by: Daniel Gallardo)

The mods don’t stop there though!  He also lowered the car, wrapped the Designo paint with self-healing clear bra (maybe the most underrated modification), did a chrome delete, wrapped the remaining portion of the roof that wasn’t glass in gloss black with a clear layer over it to give the car a clean seamless look on the roof, installed wheel spacers, put 5-spoke AMG wheels on it, and added AMG heritage hub inserts to give the wheels a classy and unique look.

These detailed mods really give the car the “OEM-plus” look, and I love it.  No slamming or weird body kits here, just a proper AMG look.

AMG Five Spoke Wheels with “Heritage” emblem center caps. (Photo by: Daniel Gallardo)

The owner, Sebastian, refers to his car as “Patrick Bateman” from the movie American Psycho.  Reserved, well-dressed, and appearing to be well-mannered on the surface, Sebastian’s AMG can turn into an ax murderer with the touch of a little button that says “dynamic.”  I think this is the perfect representation of what his car really is.

The Mercedes E63 S Estate Wagon lurking in the shadows. (Photo by: Daniel Gallardo)

The car shifts down into the ideal gear for going fast at whatever speed you happen to be going, the throttle gets sensitive, and the car is ready to eat up the road as soon as you put your foot down.  Don’t take the ax murderer comment too literally though, as the car is surprisingly very stable at any speed with your foot planted, although, this can make the car deceiving and maybe too confidence inspiring for those who aren’t careful.  No car with 780 horsepower is going to be 100% safe to put your foot flat when the wheel is cranked for going through a corner.

Mercedes-AMG E63S Wagon cockpit screen (Photo by: Daniel Gallardo)

This car impressed me in a way that might not sound impressive unless you’ve experience it firsthand.  The best way I can explain what impressed me is the car hides both its power and weight at the same time.  Weird concept to think about, but this is probably the only car that I have driven that felt this way to me.  When I say it hides the power, I don’t mean that it feels slow; it feels really freaking fast.  The funny part is that it never feels as fast as it’s actually going.  This was evidenced by experiencing slight understeer into one of the corners on the drive due to the insane amount of speed I was carrying going into the corner.

The AMG E63 S Estate powering out of a corner in the canyons. (Photo by: Daniel Gallardo)

This wasn’t an issue of the brakes, as they stop the car extremely well.  It was an issue of the acceleration being faster than my senses are used to, while also being inside of a cushion of luxury.  It accelerates faster than you can think but does it in a way unlike any other big horsepower car I have ever driven.

I often find myself referring to cars that can “do it all” as Swiss army knives.  Calling this car a Swiss army knife is sort of like calling my laptop a calculator.  Sure, the calculator on my laptop is rather impressive and very convenient.  It can add, subtract, multiply, divide, etc., but we all realize the calculator doesn’t explain even half of what a laptop can actually do.  This E63S wagon can be the subtle station wagon used for transporting plenty of groceries, it can be a rare unicorn of a car in front of a trained eye, it can be a canyon carver, it can be a 200mph highway bomber, it can be a show car, it can be a luxury cruiser, it can impress a girl on a first date, it can keep the wife thinking that you make rational decisions, it can be a death trap, and it can be a safety bubble.  All of these things can happen at any given time. This car REALLY does it ALL.

Mercedes-AMG E63 S Estate Wagon (Photo by: Daniel Gallardo)


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