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Michael Gallardo

There’s a saying in the car world, “A racecar is always a show car, but a show car isn’t always a racecar.”  Take a look at the internet’s favorite SEMA builds from this year’s show, for example.  How many of those cars can be taken seriously as a racecar?  A few of those SEMA cars can’t even be started, let alone driven.

For a company named PSM Dynamic, this is unacceptable.

PSM Dynamic Widebody Porsche Cayman front angle

PSM Dynamic Widebody Porsche Cayman (Photo: Daniel Gallardo)

Based in Southern California’s Long Beach, PSM Dynamic hasn’t been around for that long, but they have put out some impressive stuff.  From carbon fiber aero parts to full one-off widebody kits, they do it all.  These kits aren’t just like anything else on the market though; they are designed with a fluid look that accentuates the original lines of the cars.  No bolt-on EBay fender flares here.

PSM Dynamic Widebody Porsche Cayman rear

Photo: Daniel Gallardo

PSM Dynamic Widebody Porsche Cayman rear angle

Photo: Daniel Gallardo

Every single kit that PSM puts out is filled with intricate detail and superior quality.  Their Porsche 987 Cayman shop car is a great example of this.  From the GT3-derived front bumper to the insane rear wing and beautifully shaped rear end, every piece of this one-of-one body kit transforms the Porsche Cayman into an exotic-looking piece of art.

PSM Dynamic Widebody Porsche Cayman carbon fiber rear wing

Fixed carbon fiber rear wing with GMG roll cage (Photo: Daniel Gallardo)

Perry Yem, the founder of PSM Dynamic and creator of this beauty, truly takes pride in his work and it shows.  Not only does it show on his shop car, but it also shows through the countless customer builds that PSM has taken part in.  You may have seen one or two of PSM’s kits on your favorite car Instagram pages without even knowing it.

The airbag suspension in the car was surprisingly velvety on the straights yet flat in the corners.  I always expected bags to either be way too soft or stiff and bouncy, but I was wrong.  A modified and well-sorted fully mechanical suspension might have been better for hardcore track use, but there’s no way it would have been as comfortable.

PSM Dynamic Widebody Porsche Cayman roller front

Photo: Hunter Dreier

PSM Dynamic Widebody Porsche Cayman corner

Photo: Hunter Dreier

Something that you might not take into account when it comes to the bags is the presence it gives the car when simply parking it.  Nothing is quite like pulling up to a restaurant parking lot aired-up to clear speed bumps and then hitting the switches in a parking space until the car is perfectly stanced.  It’s as if you walked to a bar in your pajamas; and before you arrived at the door, you hit a button that turned your pajamas into a tuxedo.

PSM Dynamic Widebody Porsche Cayman rear roller

Photo: Hunter Dreier

A fun aspect of the PSM Dynamic Cayman is the engine noise that resonates in the cabin due to the engine cover being removed.  It may have been unintentional, but hearing every little mechanical noise coming from behind the seat was a unique and visceral experience.

The carbon fiber accents and GMG roll cage paired with the modified exhaust from RS Speed Design on the car made it feel like a racecar with road car amenities.  Other modifications to the car include Brakenetic Premium DS Series Brake Rotors, MV Forged AV1-T Corsa Series wheels, and a CSF Radiators GT3 Performance radiator.

PSM Dynamic Widebody Porsche Cayman rear

Photo: Hunter Dreier

I was surprised and impressed to find out that this highly modified shop car with a manual gearbox is actually daily driven by Nada, the daughter of the man who started PSM Dynamic.  A daily driven widebody Porsche seems like a decent marketing tool.  If a car can hold up to daily driver duties and come back home in one piece after driving it through the Malibu canyons, it must have some serious build quality.

There are countless horror stories of widebody show cars falling apart under the supervision of journalists or while taking on the duty of a proper drive.  This, however, is not that horror story.  This is a success story.

SM Dynamic Widebody Porsche Cayman front

Photo: Hunter Dreier


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